Yoga Wheel Exercises To Help With Flexibility & More

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Have you ever wanted more flexibility for your back, spine or other areas of your body? I know have because I suffer from lower back pain. Also due to the fact that some yoga poses are really difficult because I’m not as flexible as certain people yet, but I plan to be! Recently I came across this remarkable yoga prop called the Yoga Wheel by YogDev. The Yoga Wheel from YogDev is extremely durable and affordable, unlike so other ones out in the market. In addition, it is lightweight, hold up to 300 lbs weight capacity and come in 4 colors to choose from. The size is 12″ diameter and 5″ thick.


Yoga Wheel, YogDev


What Is A Yoga Wheel?

Yoga wheels is one of the newest yoga fitness props that is designed to help you deepen your yoga practice. They are specifically designed to match the contour of the spine and help assist in back bending among other things. In addition, it will assist with advanced yoga poses, deepens stretches, support and massage the spine and back areas as well as other parts of the body. Also it provides assistance with increasing your flexibility and intensifies certain muscle areas. Yoga Wheel has also become popular among athletics trying to increase their flexibility.


It doesn’t matter that you’ve never used the yoga wheel before because YogDev has beginner, intermediate and advanced yogi instructional videos in their website.


Benefits Of Yoga Wheels:

  • therapeutic and restorative benefits for the spine
  • creates space in the front body
  • alleviates back pain
  • relaxes muscles
  • helps you feel relaxed
  • aligns the spine
  • assist with deep stretches
  • has great health benefits
  • keeps you focus



Yoga Wheel Exercises To Help With Flexibility & More…


I love yoga exercises because it keeps me focused, relaxed, reduces tension on my body and helps me stay stress free. YogDev, Yoga Wheels are light but made very well! The top gray rubber area makes the Yoga Wheel very comfortable to rest your body, hands or feet on. It has a beautiful YogDev logo inside of it. Don’t forget to stop by and look around their incredible online store front, Namaste!


Yoga Wheel, YogDev



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    1. Hi Shireen,

      Yes shipping is available in Canada as YogDev is based out of Vancouver, BC. The Canadian price is $60CAD and you can purchase from directly or .

  1. I’ve heard this from my daughter before. She does yoga and so do I but not as intense as hers. I think it’s awesome and it’s going to help a lot for sure!

  2. I don’t do yoga, but this wheel seems to be an interesting tool. Your post even convinced me to snoop around on youtube to find out more about its usage (besides in for what’s in the video you presented).

    1. I am telling you this helped me tremendously! I couldn’t do certain yoga moves because I am not as flexible person. But I noticed the more I stretch my body the more flexible I am becoming 😀

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