Vitamin C Is Beneficial To Our Health & Skin

We all know Vitamin C is beneficial to our health. Also, did you know it is beneficial to our skin too? Researchers have found that the antioxidant properties of Vit-C, ascorbic acid plays a huge role in skin protection and collagen production. How? The thing is, dietary and topical ascorbic acid has huge effects to the skin cells.


The Benefits Of Vitamin C

Vitamin C, benefits, anti aging, skin repair


It’s no wonder Dermatologist and doctors have pushed the importance of Vit-C intake to their patient and public. For starters, it has powerful antioxidant in which protects your skin from the sun. Furthermore, it repairs your skin from free radicles that damages it. In addition, it reduces the signs of aging, stimulates collagen production. As a result, this process helps your skin look firmer, have less winkles, evens out skin and makes it look brighter. It even may help prevent and treat ultraviolet.


Beauty Products With Vitamin C

Vitamin C, benefits, anti aging, skin repair


Now beauty companies like Pixi Beauty has added V-C ingredients into their skincare products to treat our skin. I’ve listed a few below that I recommend:

  • Vitamin-C-Lotion: has a potent antioxidant power. Importantly, it promotes collagen production and it is known for boosting skin. It can be used daily on all skin types.


  • Vitamin-C-Serum: has ferulic acid which is proven to reduce damage from the sun and free radicals. Above all, it helps improve your skin tone to create a smoother and healthier complexion. 2-3 drops can be used daily after cleansing and toning your skin.


  • Vitamin-C-Tonic: has probiotics which helps fortify your skin’s barrier. Consequently, the willow bark and fruit extracts gently exfoliate your skin. It is alcohol free and great for all skin styles. You can use daily after cleansing.


  • Vitamin-C-Caviar Balm: has a potent antioxidant power. As a result, this promotes collagen production and is boosts your skin. You simply massage on your face.


  • Vitamin-C Juice Cleanser: is an antioxidant cleansing water that brightens your skin. Because of its ingredients, it helps to preserve and protect your skin. All you need to do is apply it on your face and you don’t need to rinse it off. If you want you can use it daily to cleanse skin.

Final Thoughts…

In short, taking care of our skin is very important at any age. Therefore, you should eat healthier, drink enough water, use sunscreen to protect your skin. Moreover, use products that will help your skin get less wrinkles, look firmer, make your skin look even and have a natural glow to it.


Vitamin C, benefits, anti aging, skin repair


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