How To Be Prepared To Travel Correctly For The Holidays

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Many of us do not know how to be prepared to travel correctly for the holidays . During the holiday season, we tend to travel to celebrate with our family and close friends. But traveling can be very stressful, especially during the holiday season. It is important to book hotels and flights early, be prepared for cancellations, and use reliable luggage.



Travel Correctly, American Traveler Pressure-Resistant Suitcase, Best Global Buy



How To Be Prepared To Travel Correctly For The Holidays

The first thing you need to do is make sure to book your hotels and flight as early as possible. Don’t wait a couple of months to do this because you will not get a discounted price and all flights to your destination might be booked. If you can, try booking your flight during summer months to prevent this from happening.

The next thing you want to do is prepare yourself from the unpredictable! In certain parts of the country, the weather can get really bad! Therefore, it is important to prepare yourself for any type of cancellations. For instance, flights can quickly get canceled in certain areas due to bad weather or mechanical problems. Some airlines offer vouchers for hotels but quickly run out, giving the rest of their customers the option to sleep on cots. But not everyone feels comfortable with this type of sleeping arrangement. Therefore, prepare yourself by booking a hotel in the area you have a layover. Before you do this make sure the hotel has a 24-hr cancellation policy so that you can easily cancel it.

 Finally, purchase a luggage that is roomy, durable and reliable! Don’t wait for November and December to do this because you will realize your old luggage won’t fit all the things you need to take with you. For instance, this time of the year, you will need to carry not only your clothes, accessories, and shoes. You will also need to have enough room for the presents you plan to take with you.



Travel Correctly, Travel Correctly, American Traveler Pressure-Resistant Suitcase, Best Global Buy



The luggage that I use to travel to see my family in New York is the American Traveler Pressure-Resistant Suitcase from Best Global Buy. This luggage never lets me down! It is extremely roomy, tall (size: 29″) and has a lot of compartments to fit everything I need to bring with me. It is durable, made to be unbreakable with highly pressure-resistant ABS and PC material which will not break from a strong impact. Also, it comes with a see-through, heavy-duty cover to protect the luggage from scratching. In addition, it is easy to move anywhere! It has eight multi-directional spinner wheels that easily rotate 360-degree in different terrain. Multi-tiered aluminum trolley handles, side mounted TSA locker, fixed strap, and zipper interlayer. What is so cool about this roomy, durable luggage is that it looks really sleek and stylish!


Travel Correctly For The Holidays By

  • booking your flights and hotels as early as possible
  • booking a hotel if there is a layover and your 2nd flight cancels
  • use reliable luggage



Travel Correctly, American Traveler Pressure-Resistant Suitcase, Best Global Buy


Travel Correctly, American Traveler Pressure-Resistant Suitcase, Best Global Buy



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  1. Yes, a good reliable luggage is a must, then we can trust that our belongings will arrive in a good way! I loved the suitcase you showed! Hope you have a great Saturday and weekend!

  2. Ty for sharing!!! I love your tip on reliable luggage !!! I used to work at the airport and boy was this a problem for many people I would see bags fall apart!!!! Specially during busy season … lots of unhappy people!!

  3. That suitcase looks great, and the cover is very cool, too! We’ve never flown over the holidays but we have gotten stuck out of town due to bad weather. It is definitely a good idea to plan ahead for that possibility!

  4. Hard shell suitcases are the best to keep all your belongings safe while travelling. Always good to plan for all possibilities when traveling.

  5. We used to pack things for overnight in our carry-on, just in case the airport got snowed in. It came in handy more than once when I was traveling. I was happy to have what I needed when my luggage was stuck on the plane.

  6. Thank you for the luggage suggestions, I know for a fact that ‘Santa’ is planning to bring me some new luggage for Christmas, and I’m sure he will appreciate these helpful ideas! 😉

  7. It definitely pays off to be prepared for travel. I always book well in advance too, with kids i like to organised.

  8. I always try to be the girl who looks all put together while traveling, but in reality I’m struggling to carry my luggage and carryons all while trying to make my flight on time. Great tips, I need to learn from you because I normally book my flights last minute.

  9. It’s important to book for your flight early especially if you’re planning to save money, the earlier the cheaper the tickets will be! I think these are all helpful tips!

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