Kid’s Weekend Summer Tournament Games Preparation


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Weekends with my family consist of being at the baseball field. We are either driving my 15-year-old son to baseball practices or tournament games. It can get really exhausting quickly! Most of the time practices last 2-4 hours unless it is before a game then it lasts only an hour. Because of this, many parents bring items that are going to make them as comfortable as possible. The major items we like to bring are comfy chairs, warm blankets, cooler, and canopy.




Kid’s Weekend Summer Tournament Games Preparation


Having comfortable chairs are very important because we sit down a lot. The Roraima lounging chair is one of my favorite chairs because it is roomy, sturdy and reliable. This reclining chair has a headrest and footrest. It is made from mesh material which keeps me cool. It has a large pocket on the side which I keep my snacks, sunscreen and cell phone. Also, it has 2 cup holders.


A durable canopy is a must have during hot summer months because it keep us cool and protects us from the hot sun. We also bring a blanket in case my son wants to rest between games or if it gets chilly.


Coolers are very important to bring to games because it keeps the food fresh and the drinks really cold. We also noticed we spend less money and eat healthier. We like to bring more than 1 cooler to the games because my son takes the small one to the dugout and we keep the large one. In the small cooler, we fill it with Gatorade, water and protein bars to keep my son hydrated and energized. We keep sandwiches, snacks, fruits, and water in the large cooler.



Tournament Games, Roraima lounging chair 

Tournament Games, Roraima lounging chair 

Tournament Games, Roraima lounging chair 

Tournament Games, Roraima lounging chair 

Tournament Games, Roraima lounging chair 

Tournament Games, Roraima lounging chair 

Tournament Games, Roraima lounging chair 




26 thoughts on “Kid’s Weekend Summer Tournament Games Preparation

  1. Having a chair like that is a necessity if you are stuck at the baseball field every weekend. It looks very comfortable and has lots of pockets.

  2. That looks like the perfect chair for sporting events. My girls dance, and aren’t into sports, but I have friends whose kids plays soccer, and they would love this!

  3. This looks like the ultimate set up for enjoying a game of sport! It can be such a long day so good to come prepared!

  4. I need to invest in a better chair! We have baseball/softball practice/games every night of the week and wedensday mornings as well through july…my rear needs something way better than bleachers! thanks for such a great post!

  5. Those chairs look so comfortable you guys have really got the situation all set up and ready x

  6. My kids are still rather young, but I remember my mom taking me to all my swim meets and how much effort she had to put into them. It was so fun as a kid, and I look forward to doing stuff like that with my own

  7. Thanks for sharing. My daughter does gymnastics 5 times a week which is in doors. I get a sore bum though watching for 3 hours!! haha!!

  8. I would LOVE this lounging chair for the summer!! It looks so comfortable and great for when you need to be somewhere for a while. (The canopy is a great idea, too). Thanks of sharing.

  9. That chair is very useful! Having that will make things easier and more organized. Wish I could get one for our family!

  10. A good chair is a must for sports games. I like that this one has pockets so you can keep all your gear organized. A cooler is also a smart idea, otherwise you’ll ending up spending money on unnecessary concessions.

  11. This looks like you have everything that you will need! I hope that you all have a great time at the tournament.

  12. I wish I had that kind of chair when my boys were playing soccer. I had to sit on the ground and it was awful most days! Looks like fun and like you are quite organized!

  13. Definitely having a chair is very useful and also bug spray in case your in a spot where there are bugs. The cooler definitely helps keep all the drinks and snacks cool.

  14. a lounging lawn chair is definitely a must if you’re going to be spending a lot of time outside! This one looks super cool!

  15. Ah dang! I just bought new camp chairs! I wish I would have seen these first. Those foot rests are awesome!

  16. I like this chair! It is very handy and looks so comfy! You are so true, a good chair has a great role to have fun while watching tournaments.

  17. This chair looks so comfy and has everything you need for a full day of sports!

  18. I can’t wait to check out these chairs! We just ditched ours last year after several years of being completely beaten up and now need new ones…like asap. Thanks for a great rec!

  19. we’ve got all this to look forward too! Although ours prefers gymnastics so it is usually inside 🙂 but will have to bear these tips in mind!

  20. It looks like you are all set! That lounging chair really does look comfy. I wish I had one to take to the drive in with me.

  21. This sounds like a real fun time. But,you are right, you have to be prepared. It isn’t much fun to be out in the heat with no seat and no drinks.

  22. This summer, this items are really a must when going outside for a bonding time with family in the park. I agree to bring coolers for snacks and drinks. That chair looks so amazing! I like that it has a lot of pockets too.

  23. This is a point in parenthood that I can wait for. I know it will be important to my kids but I hear so many people who are living for the weekends to spend 7 hours at baseball.

  24. I love this chair! We just finished our sports season with our kids and I could have used a chair like this! Anything to make it a bit more comfortable to sit there for a few hours.

  25. I don’t have kids, but this is definitely a good chair to have for sporting events or just to take to the park or the beach.

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