Teas And Their Benefits To Help Live A Healthier Life

Teas And Their Benefits: There are so many benefits to drinking tea. Actually, teas are full of flavonoids and other health benefits. Most of us heard about the benefits of Green… But studies have found teas such as Black, White, Oolong, Pu-erh, Chamomile, Echinacea, Hibiscus, and Rooibos may help with diseases like cancer, heart disease, lower cholesterol, and diabetes. Also, help with weight loss and mental alertness. Tea also appears to have antimicrobial qualities. Antimicrobial is an agent that kills microorganisms or inhibits their growth.


Teas And Their Benefits To Help Live A Healthier Life


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Green tea:

Made with steamed tea leaves, it has a high concentration of EGCG and has been widely studied. Green tea’s antioxidants may interfere with the growth of bladder, breast, lung, stomach, pancreatic, and colorectal cancers; prevent clogging of the arteries, burn fat, counteract oxidative stress on the brain, reduce risk of neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, reduce risk of stroke, and improve cholesterol levels.

Black tea:

Made with fermented tea leaves, black tea has the highest caffeine content and forms the basis for flavored teas like chai, along with some instant teas. Studies have shown that black tea may protect lungs from damage caused by exposure to cigarette smoke. It also may reduce the risk of stroke.

White tea:

Uncured and unfermented. One study showed that white tea has the most potent anticancer properties compared to more processed teas.

Oolong tea:

In an animal study, those given antioxidants from oolong tea were found to have lower bad cholesterol levels. One variety of oolong, Wuyi, is heavily marketed as a weight loss supplement, but science hasn’t backed the claims.

Pu-erh tea:

Made from fermented and aged leaves. Considered a black tea, its leaves are pressed into cakes. One animal study showed that animals given pu-erh had less weight gain and reduced LDL cholesterol.

Chamomile tea:

Its antioxidants may help prevent complications from diabetes, like loss of vision and nerve and kidney damage, and stunt the growth of cancer cells.


Often touted as a way to fight the common cold, the research on echinacea has been inconclusive.


A small study found that drinking three cups of hibiscus tea daily lowered blood pressure in people with modestly elevated levels.


(red tea): A South African herb that is fermented. Although it has flavonoids with cancer-fighting properties, medical studies have been limited.



Q: Do you drink tea? If you do, which one is your favorite?





25 thoughts on “Teas And Their Benefits To Help Live A Healthier Life

  1. Great information and very helpful I always wanted to know the benefits of Black tea, I drink Green, Chamomile and Chai my main favorite is Chai. FYI Something is wrong with your comment box is does not let you comment even though the math is correct it states error to long or error captcha did not respond.

  2. I’m a big tea drinker. I have a cup of tea at least twice a day. My favorites are English breakfast, earl grey and chai with a dash of no dairy creamer. So yummy.

  3. I’m a huge tea drinker. I have at least two cups and day. My favorites are English breakfast tea, earl grey and chai with a dash of nondairy creamer.

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