Stylish Wide Width Shoes For Women!

When I try on shoes, most regular sized shoes rub me the wrong way because it fits so tight on the width area of my feet. Basically my problem is my feet are wide in width. Because of this, it is difficult finding stylish wide width shoes. Unfortunately for me and other women with this issue, many stores don’t cater to our type of feet. Some women have their shoes custom made, but not everyone can afford to this. Finding both stylish and comfortable footwear that has a wide width is a must in my book. I am sick of many shoe designers assuming women with wide width feet don’t mind wearing grannie looking shoes. News Flash… All stylish women love buying trendy looking shoes no matter how wide her feet is!


What To Look For In Stylish Wide Width Shoes:

  • search for stores that have shoes with the letter W for wide feet
  • search for stores that have shoes with the letter WW or EE is for extra wide width feet
  • search for stores with trendy wide width shoes


Here Are Some Stores That Cater To Stylish Wide Width Shoes For Women:

  • Zappos: this store has a nice selection of wide and xtra-wide width shoes for women.
  • DSW: this store has a cool selection of wide and xtra-wide width shoes for women.
  • Famous Foot Wear: this store has a great selection of affordable wide width shoes.
  • has a beautiful selection of wide width and xtra-wide width shoes for women.



Finally, I know it is frustrating looking around for stores that cater to wide width feet. Thank God there are a few out there but we just need to look a harder. I am glad they have stores that cater to full figured women and tall and husky men. Now us wide width feet women are demanding for shoe designers to also cater more to us and hopefully, someday, we will also have a store that caters just for “wide width feet.”


Stylish Wide Width Shoes, 6PM wide width shoes for women

24 thoughts on “Stylish Wide Width Shoes For Women!

  1. Loving this post, as a a wide-footed mama. Definitely gonna look at 6pm. I’ve heard of them, never shopped there though. Nice write-up.

  2. This is awesome! I have really wide feet and would never consider buying shoes online but I think I could actually trust this website. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is so helpful as my feet are wide too! Thank you for the introduction, Glenda.


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