Stylish Canvas European Sneakers

Backyard Footwear is a 43 year old European stylish canvas sneaker brand. This company originally designed their sneakers for several world-class players in the 1970s of badminton to make the sport a more pleasant experience. My new sneakers are made with eco friendly process of chemicals free and natural materials. Because of this it makes these sneakers a must have shoe to wear this year! My new sneakers are made out of leather fabric in the upper area and vulcanized rubber on the sole area. Therefore, they are sporty shoes and have been rocked through decades by both men and women. Some of the people that have worn these sneakers are athletes, club-goers and fashionistas throughout Scandinavia and most of Europe. As a result, today, there are so many ways to wear these Danish, multipurpose, stylish, canvas sneakers.


These Stylish Canvas Can Be Worn:


Me Experience With This Product:

I was so excited when Backyard Footwear offer me a pair of their supercool sneakers to try out (disclaimer: even though I received this product for free, all opinions are my own). I decided to go with the Copenhagen because I love its simple but funky look. Furthermore, the thick rubber on the front area of the sneaker and the light gray suede patch on the corners makes these canvas sneaker distinctively stand out.
Many new sneakers tend to give blisters but this one did not give me any. I was impressed how comfortably these sneakers felt on my feet when I wore them for the first time. What I also like about these sneakers is they make my size 9 feet 😳 look smaller than what they really are. I am going to have fun experimenting different looks with them because my Backyard Footwear sneakers are fashionable, fabulous and comfy. 
backyard footwear, stylish canvas sneakers from Europe
backyard footwear, stylish canvas sneakers from Europe
backyard footwear, stylish canvas sneakers from Europe
backyard footwear, stylish canvas sneakers from Europe

24 thoughts on “Stylish Canvas European Sneakers

  1. I love this look from head to toe! So fresh and glam! Baci, Valeria – Coco et La vie en rose.

  2. I like that it’s made with eco-friendly and natural materials and it’s very stylish too. This is the first I’m reading about this brand though so thank you for the introduction, will check them out.


  3. I am back after a long trip, now I can read blogs again, and comment 🙂 I didn’t know about this brand, and it’s quite old, in fact, traditional! I loved the sneakers, they look great and you too! Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. never heard of this brand but they look so stylish and comfy. love your ootd as well.

    have a great week.


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