Strongest Glass Screen Protector You’ll Need

 Have you ever worried about cracking your phone or tablet because you didn’t have the strongest glass screen protector on it? (please note even though this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own)Cell phones and tablets are way too expensive to have it exposed and unprotected. Your screen can be completely damaged within seconds if bumped or dropped at the wrong angle. What’s so scary the most is the cost of fixing a cracked phone! Depending on the brand of the phone/tablet, the screen alone can cost over $100 to fix. This is why it is important to use a reliable glass screen protector company such as intelliARMOR. This company uses Oleophobic coating on their products to prevent scratches, absorb shocks, repels oil and grease. They also designed their product with an ultra hard (9H) glass inner layer to protect your phone or tablet against the hardest bumps.  


I decided to try out the super thin clear intelliGLASS HD Apple iPad Mini screen protector to get more protection on my iPad Mini because I constantly use it to check my social media pages and emails. I have to admit I had some doubts in the beginning but was extremely pleased with the results! The first thing that impressed me was the amount of things the intelliGlass screen protector came with. It basically came in a designed cushioned box with a microfiber cloth, dust removal tape, alcohol prep pad cleaner, squeegee card, home button stickies and a suction cup hook.


Strongest Glass Screen Protector, intelliGLASS, intelliARMOR


Installation Process:

I logged into their website to view their clear installation tutorial videos

simple steps to follow from video

  1. lie your cell phone or tablet in a flat surface,
  2. wash your hands completely to remove any dirt and oil,
  3. wipe down your cell phone or tablet screen completely with the alcohol prep pad,
  4. use the micro cloth to give it a good polish to remove any possible streaks left behind,
  5. use the dust removal tape in the entire screen to remove any possible lint or dust,
  6. place the suction cup hook on the top center of nonadhesive part of your intelliGLASS screen protector,
  7. grasp the suction cup hook with one hand and gently remove the film from the adhesive side of intelliGLASS,
  8. line up intelliGLASS with the home button, (for iPhones and iPads, please review website for other devices) top and side edges of your screen,
  9. remove any bubbles by wrapping the micro cloth around the squeegee card and push from the center out to the edges. Finally polish the screen with the micro cloth.


Strongest Glass Screen Protector, intelliGLASS, intelliARMOR

Final Results:

The installation tutorial was clear and easy to follow. At first I was disappointed to see 3 bubbles but the next day the bubbles were completely gone! The screen amazingly looks like it doesn’t have any screen protector on it because it looks extremely clear, free from bubbles, marks or finger prints. I definitely plan to use this brand for my future devices! Here is a 20% off coupon: INTELLI20 for anyone who is interested in purchasing one of their screen protectors.


Strongest Glass Screen Protector, intelliGLASS, intelliARMOR

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  1. Great review. I need to find one when I get a new phone since mine is cracked because I didn’t have a screen protector. I love the candles 🙂
    Lots of love,

  2. I could actually use one of these. I’ve brought cheaper versions online before and find they crack and shatter when you drop them


  3. I cracked a computer screen once and I think this is a great solution! I liked the name, intelliGlass, sounds great and speaks for itself, and having a tutorial is really helpful!

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