This Spring 2018 Colorful Cool Casual Chic Fashion Finds

Spring 2018 falls on Tuesday, March 20, 2018. Even though spring is only 1 day away, the weather in certain parts of the United States is still very cold. For instance, here in the East Coast we got hammered with 3 horrific nor’easter storms a couple of weeks ago that did some heavy damage. Many of us didn’t have electricity for weeks. Thankfully some of us had generators that kept us warm. After all that craziness there is another storm brewing that will possibly hit the Northeast coast and mid-Atlantic areas, tomorrow.


Thankfully for my cell phone plan I was able to shop for spring clothing and accessories that kept me positive during the depressing time without any electricity. Lately, I have been crushing on bell flare sleeve tops, denim skirts and floral ankle booties. I have put together a few casual elegance pieces that will look fabulous during this spring season.



Spring 2018 Colorful Cool Casual Fashion Finds

Spring 2018



Peter Pilotto white top

Topshop blue skirt

Tory burch boots

Stilettos shoes

Mulberry handbag satchel
$960 –

RumbaTime sunglasses

Flower wreath

24 thoughts on “This Spring 2018 Colorful Cool Casual Chic Fashion Finds

  1. THANK YOU for the fashion advice because the world knows I have NO IDEA what to do when it comes to that world!! Ha! Fashion is so beyond my scope! LOL

  2. I hope the storm isn’t too bad for y’all! My family in Florida just got his with severe storms today. I’m in south Texas and it’s hot here already so we are into spring!

  3. I like the yellows and blues. I havent bought any bright, fun spring colors yet. My new sunglasses were black with blue frames but, I could make up for the color with a yellow purse as shown.

  4. I still can’t believe it’s officially spring and we’re getting about a foot of snow today. Thinking ahead to spring (actually) getting here always makes me excited for some new clothes and styles too!

  5. This is a great list. I love the items you picked. These are perfect for spring….especially the baby blue sweater.

  6. These all look like such cute clothes! I would love to add some of these pieces to my collection.

  7. I love these spring blues!!! You can add almost any color to it and make a great outfit!!!

  8. Those are some beautiful spring fashion finds. I really love the blue but its my color and the yellow meshes quite well this time of year. Lovely outfit.

  9. These are beautiful stuff and I wanna get all of them. I love the color and the design, so simple and pleasing to the eye!

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