10 Step Smokey Eye Look In Just Fifteen Minutes


First Step: Prep The Skin

Prep your skin before applying your makeup. Start with a fresh clean face. Wash your face throughly with a makeup removal cream or makeup wipes. Pixi Beauty Skintreats is one of my favorite products to use to. Their Skintreats beauty line protects, restore and repairs the skin. I’m really digging their new Rose Infused Skintreats because it smells so lovely.


smokey eye, Pixi Beauty


Beauty Products You Will Need:

Makeup removal cream or wipes

Moisturizing cream or spray

Eyeshadow brushes

Eyebrow brush



Earthy Eyeshadow Palette

Black Eyeliner


Makeup Fixing Mist


Second Step: Prime Your Eyes

Prep your eyes with a primer over the eyelid until the lash line and under your eyes. Blend it out to the brow bone. Then go over it with some foundation face powder to set it in place. This will blend the eyeshadow easier and ensure your makeup stays on longer and in place.


Third Step: Apply Concealer

To eliminate any darkness under your eyes, blend a creamy concealer underneath your eye area by gently using your ring finger.


Forth Step: Wipe Away Eyeshadow Particles

With a fluffy brush apply translucent powder underneath your eye area that matches your skin tone. This process will catch any loose eye shadow particles. Afterwards, gently wipe of the powder with a tissue or an unused fluffy brush.

Fifth Step: Apply The Eyeshadow

I recommend the  Pixi Beauty 12 shade color palette because it has all the colors that you’ll need to create the perfect smokey eye look. First apply the lightest cream color in the palette and blend it to the crease area of your eyelid. Try using a light color with some shimmer to make the color pop out. Next, apply a medium earthy shade to the middle area of your eyelid. Take that same color and smudge it under your lower eyelashes. Afterwards, apply a darker eyeshadow shade from the outer corner to the crease of your eye. Then with a skinnier angled brush, apply that same shade along your lower lash line. Try sticking with matte colors for the last two shades. Please keep in mind that your darkest eyeshadow choice doesn’t have to be the darkest in the palette.


Sixth Step: Blend  It Out

Blend out the dark eyeshadow, so there aren’t any harsh lines. You can simply do this by taking the eyeshadow brush and blending the edges.


Seventh Step: Highlight

Apply the lightest shimmery color to the inner bottom corner of your eyelid. Also, use a thin eyeliner brush to define your eyebrows by outlining it with concealer.


smokey eye, Pixi Beauty

Eighth Step: For Sultry Look

Now that your color is in place, define your eye with a creamy black, waterproof pencil liner as close as you can to the lash line. To do so, drag it along your top and bottom lash lines. Make sure there’s no skin peeking through between your lashes. For an extra-sultry look, apply the pencil liner to the inner bottom of your eyelash. Smudge it out and blend it with the existing dark eyeshadow. Then curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. Gently clamp down at the base of your lashes and hold it tight for a few seconds. Coat your eyelashes with your favorite volumizing mascara.


Tenth Step: Set Your Makeup And Keep Your Skin Hydrated

The final step is to use a makeup fixing mist to set your makeup and keep your skin hydrated. All you need to do is close your eyes and hold the makeup fixing mist bottle 6 inches from your face. Then spray it on the T-zone and cheeks areas. Definitely, avoiding your eyes.




31 thoughts on “10 Step Smokey Eye Look In Just Fifteen Minutes

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