How To Get Longer, Slimmer Sexier Legs

How To Get Longer, Slimmer Sexier Legs:   A stiletto is a very thin, very high heeled shoe that is at least 1 inch – 10 inches tall. The heel tapers nearly to a point where it comes into contact with the ground. Even though many stilettos can be uncomfortable, many women love wearing them because the heel give the illusion of longer, slimmer, sexier legs. This type of heel also adds height to women that need it.

They can even highlight a woman’s calf muscle. A few popular stilettos among celebrities are the strappy sandal, ankle strap shoe and the tassel. The strappy sandal comprised of multiple straps that secure the foot to the sole. The ankle strap shoe has a strip of cloth that wraps around the ankle area where it secure the foot to the shoe. The tassel stiletto is a knotted rope ornamental detail design to the shoe. These types of stilettos can make a dress look sexier and a plain pair of jeans look edgier.


How To Get Longer, Slimmer Sexier Legs

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  1. Dear Glenda, many thanks for sharing here so fantastic inspirations! Stiletto heels are really magic <3
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  2. Did you change your blog layout a little? It seems a touch different! I used to ONLY wear heels but these days you see me wearing more flats because it’s easier to run after my little one. LOL!


  3. Well, heels will be my best friends forever! Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

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