Skin Renewal Device To Produce Collagen & Look Younger


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Once we hit our teen years and beyond, skin renewal starts to slow down. As we hit our 30’s we start showing signs of aging. In our 40’s the aging process starts even faster. Researchers have shown skin sheds once every 53 days in people in their 40’s and 50’s while baby’s skin sheds constantly.


Derma Roller System, Skin Renewal Device


Skin Renewal, beauty, skincare, Derma Roller System


The Derma Roller System is an effective way to help stimulate collagen and elastin to the skin. The concept of skin renewal can be described simply as wound and heal. The skin renewal process repairs and firms the skin from the inside to help our skin look younger as we age. The Derma Roller System is effective in preventing wrinkles, scars, and more from ever happening in the first place. Our skin will stay healthy and smooth for years to come just by using the Derma Roller System regularly.


Skin Renewal, beauty, skincare, Derma Roller System


5 Different Types of Needle Sizes:

There are 5 different derma roller needle sizes available depending on the type of treatment.

  • 0.5mm
  • 1.0mm
  • 1.5mm
  • 2.0mm
  • 2.5mm


My Derma Roller System is a 1.5mm needle size. This size target cell regeneration, upper Derma reborn, wrinkles, scars, nutrient absorption, cellulite and stretch mark treatment. First, I rolled it 4 times diagonally on the left side of my face and neck. I repeated it on the right side. It felt a little uncomfortable but only lasted a few seconds.


Skin Renewal, beauty, skincare, Derma Roller System


Types of Skin Renewal Treatments:

  • Cell Regeneration/Upper Derma Reborn it stimulates collagen and elastin and repairs your skin from the inside, to help the skin look younger as we age.
  • Eye Treatment /Anti-Aging / Anti-Wrinkle can be used to treat fine lines, deep wrinkles around your face, neck, hands and more.
  • Light & Deep Scars, Pimples, Blemishes Treatment effectively removes blemishes, acne scar, large pores, stretch marks, appendectomy scars, burn scars, C-section scars and more.
  • Cellulite and Stretch Mark Treatment use to remove or reduce cellulite on the arms, buttocks, hips, legs, thighs and stomach.
  • Hair Regrowth used to prevent hair loss. It helps with hair restoration and regrowth for men and women.


I received the Derma Roller System with a travel case, Perfect Derm Collagen Mask, and a Derma Cell moisturizing cream. The mask provides enriched nutrients and collagen. The moisturizing cream is supposed to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. I left the mask on for 30 minutes. I apply the skin Derma Cell on my neck, face, and chest as recommended. Using the Derma Roller System, Perfect Derm Collagen Mask, and Derma Cell Moisturizing cream made my skin look refreshed, firm and healthy.


Skin Renewal, beauty, skincare, Derma Roller System


Derma Roller will give customers their money back within 60 if they are not happy, no questions asked.

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