Sandals With A Bikini Look To Them

Sandals with a bikini look to them is a must have footwear on your feet this summer! (sponsored postI have come across a lot of amazing shoe stores around but none of them have caught my eye like Luxtrada has. This trendy high-end boutique which has a few stores located in California has come up with a distinct way of designing sandals. Their large Luxtrada Bikinibility collection is exquisite, fun and flirty. The new #Bikinibility trend is being picked up by many celebrities such as Michelle Obama, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Christina Milian and more!




Sandals Designed Detail…

  • it has leather lining,
  • leather on the upper area,
  • leather in the insole and outsole areas,
  • 18K gold plated chains to choose from,
  • 18K gold plated pendants to choose from,
  • assortment of Swarovski crystal pendants to choose from,
  • assortment of colors to choose from.


While looking through the entire Luxtrada Bikinibility collection it took me forever to decided which one to select. I was overwhelmed with how beautiful each of the sandals were. I knew I wanted a metallic one because the color goes well with any of my bathing suits, maxi dresses, skirts or shorts. Although I couldn’t decide between the silver or gold color. Then I realized the gold leather one looks amazing with the gold chains, metal pieces and charms. Once I chose the color I couldn’t figure out which style to get. Because I knew I wanted a closed sandal I knew my options were the Hera, the Queen or the Theia Bikini Sandals. I came to the conclusion that the Theia was the one for me because of its divine woven leather design to it. In addition the appealing sparkly Swarovski crystal cross pendant took my breath away. When the sandal arrived in the mail it came in an extraordinary well crafted charming box and an impressive velvet pouch to store my sandals in. If you ask me one word to describe these sandals it would be simply “perfection!”





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  1. They are a perfect summer accessory and are very cute. I haven’t seen any of their stores in Cali, will be on the look out for them.

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