Reusable Trendy Leather Notebook Journal

I received my new coffee brown leather notebook/journal to try out for free from Wanderings, in return for an honest review. Disclaimer: please note even though I received this product for free all opinions are my own. This leather journal is refillable, classic and has a vintage style. It’s perfect for writing down your thoughts, professional note taking, sketching your art work, or using it as your confidential diary among many other things.

A Journal Is Good For:

  • a planner/agenda is good for school, work or for Wedding-Event planner
  • writing down lyrics for a songwriter/composer
  • writing down poems
  • writing down quotes
  • writing down to do lists
  • writing down your goals for work or school
  • writing down positive/spiritual affirmations
  • writing down book excerpts
  • writing down bucket list
  • keeping track of what you’re eating in order to stay fit

My Review:

When my notebook/journal arrived, it came rapped up nicely in a box. This notebook/journal is made very well! It has a nice leather scent to it and feels so soft. It has an adorable little compass design on the bottom left corner of it. I really am a fan of the elastic piece that is wrapped around it to keep the notebook/journal closed. Inside the notebook has dividers so that I will be able to use it for different things. I personally like using it to write down my passwords on one section and important business details on the other section. The width is 5 inches and height is 8 inches 1/2. It’s about 3/4 inches longer than my iPad mini and fits nicely in most of my medium sized handbags. Because the cover is so hip looking and the notebook/journal is refillable, it’s good to know that I will be able to use it for years to come. 


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24 thoughts on “Reusable Trendy Leather Notebook Journal

  1. OMGut this journal is so cute. Usually I need lines in my journal otherwise everything goes slanted but this looks so cute that I’d probably start writing properly. Thanks for the find! <3

  2. What neat looking journal. My journal is leather as well, but with an etched exterior. This would make a great gift for a few writers in my family- thanks for sharing!

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