Rain Boots Are Not Just For Rainy Days

Due to the fact that I live in a rocky mountain area, I find wearing a good pair of rain boots is a must in order to keep my feet dry and protected. Rain boots are not just for rainy days anymore! I especially like wearing them whenever I walk my 3 pit bulls because they drag me all over the yard. I was looking around for a pair of high quality rain boots when I came across Buffy Boots who gave me an opportunity to partner with them by reviewing one of their boots (disclaimer: please note even though I received these boots for free, all opinions are my own).


The boots I selected are the Blue Toile Boots because of its floral design and color. They arrived in a packaged box and a drawstring backpack to store the boots in. The durability and comfortability feel on these boots are unbelievable! It has foam padding inside which makes it feel like I am walking on feathered pillows. As a result of its durability, I am confident my Buffy Boots will last me a long time. 



rain boots, Boofy Boots, blue and white, high quality rain boots


rain boots, Boofy Boots, blue and white, high quality rain boots

rain boots, Boofy Boots, blue and white, high quality rain boots


Why Own A Pair Of Buffy Rain Boots?

  • designed in the United States,
  • made from 100% natural rubber,
  • designed with a metal buckle on them which has a synthetic leather strap to help you adjust it for a perfect fit,
  • each of them have pull-straps on the back area for ease of pulling on and off,
  • have multi-layer removable thick cushioned foam insole to give you maximize comfort feel,
  • are designed with a cotton lining for warmth and breathability,
  • have are designed with sturdy treaded sole which provides traction to prevent you from slipping,
  • they have a selection of fashionable design to choose from.

30 thoughts on “Rain Boots Are Not Just For Rainy Days

  1. I’ve always wanted a pair for myself. As much as I love solid hues I so prefer prints!


  2. Those boots are so cute and the print rock look fabulous with your combo, so true you could wear them any time especially in the mountains. I need a pair today I got soak picking up my lunch.

  3. How heavy are they? I love my Hunters but they are sometimes too heavy for long walks.


  4. I agree with you, even though you said you live in a place where boots are needed, wellies are good in many other days! I loved this Toile style, they look sweet and fresh!

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