Protect Skin & Body From Harmful Pollution

For us all pollution is an inescapable fact of life because it is a worldwide issue. Why is it important to protect our skin & bodies from pollution? Because it effects our medical health and the health of our skin. Unfortunately for us all, we’re effected by this due to the “free radicals” in the air we breathe that damages our cells, organs and tissues. When pollution comes in contact with the skin it cuts down the ability for our skin to naturally produce moisture and collagen. This causes our skin to to become dry, discolored, clogged, saggy and wrinkled. Even though there isn’t a way to totally avoid these contaminants from settling on our skin and invade our bodies, there are a few ways to protect it by using skin care products and eating healthy foods enriched with antioxidants.


How To Protect Skin & Body From These Harmful Contaminants:

 ➡ Antioxidants: are nutrients that protect our bodies from harmful free radicals. It does this by slowing down oxidative damage to our bodies. Eating  foods and using products for our skin enriched with antioxidants will definitely help.

Foods enriched with antioxidants are found in:

1). vitamins C &  E– vitamin C is responsible for healing wounds, fighting infection, formation of collagen in your muscles, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, bones, blood vessels and absorption of iron. Vitamin E promotes healthy looking skin, formation of red blood cells, prevents certain cancers, cardiovascular, rheumatoid arthritis and Parkinson’s disease. It also protects the body from free radicals and it helps absorb vitamin K. Both of these vitamins are found in fruits & veggies.

2). selenium and zinc minerals– selenium is responsible for cell protection, reproduction, certain types of diseases and wound healing. In addition, zinc is important for normal growth and development during childhood and pregnancy. These minerals are found in nuts, meats, mushrooms, brown rice, seafoods, whole grains, dairy products, etc.

3). Beta-carotene/other carotenoids– provides approximately 50% of the vitamin A. It decreases and reduces certain diseases such as exercised induced asthma, certain cancers, heart disease, depression, skin disorders and much more. They are found mainly in some red, orange, yellow fruits, veggies and whole grains.

 ➡ Water: drinking the proper amount of water helps you stay hydrated, energizes your muscles, helps your kidneys flush toxins out off your body and keeps your bowel functioning properly.

 ➡ Cleanse: keeping your skin completely clean everyday by washing it throughly will remove away dirt, germs, oil and all toxic build up.

 ➡ Skin Care Products: protect skin by using high quality skin care products that contain protective ingredients such as antioxidants for day and night.

➡ Sunscreen: using sunscreen protection of SPF 30 or more to eliminate exposure to UVA and UVP rays exposure.



I have been following a lot what I’ve listed above. The only thing I need to work on is drinking more water. I recently had the opportunity to try out this awesome anti-pollution, antioxidant, moisturizing cream from Aqua+ Skin Care. This moisturizing cream is 100% all natural and promises that our skin will be able to breathe while stimulating its natural defense mechanisms. Filled with antioxidant natural ingredients, this cream also promises to reduce and eliminate inflammation and other skin issues such as premature aging, itching, blemishes, and dryness. It does this by blocking away the UV and harmful particles in our environment. One reason why I wanted to test this cream out is because I suffer from severe dry skin. Aqua+ Skin Care cream not only kept my skin moisturized, but when I apply it on my face it doesn’t feel oily. I also prefer using scent free or soft tolerable scent products on my skin because of my fragrance allergies. Aqua+ Skin Care moisturizer has a lovely soft scent that doesn’t bother at all. I am super happy to know that my skin is being naturally taken care of and protected from every day pollution.


protect skin, Aqua+ Skin Care



Aqua+ Skin Care Moisturizing Cream protect skin by:

  • preventing anti-inflammatory issues
  • being an anti-bacterial cream
  • being an anti-allergic cream
  • having antioxidant ingredients
  • having 100% all natural ingredients added to it
  • absorbing fast into your skin 
  • being toleratable for all skin types
  • being dermatologist tested



protect skin, Aqua+ Skin Care

protect skin, Aqua Skin Care

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  1. I do everything on this list is important for your health and skin all I need is that natural cream what a big plus with no worries of chemical. You look beautiful doll.

  2. I love the idea of protecting our skin from the inside out. I, too, need to work on the more water thing; but progress not perfection is my goal.

  3. This Aqua + Skin care with 100% natural ingredients sounds excellent! Yes, it’s so important to drink plenty of water and to have vitamins… but a nice product can also help a lot!

  4. Living in Chicago we totally relate to trying to keep our skin healthy amongst the Toxins. Great tips and what a great product.

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