Parenting Tips On How To Set Sleeping Patterns For Your Children

Parenting can be challenging at times especially when your little ones have sleeping problems. Putting your kids in a set sleeping pattern is not easy, but it’s one of the most important things you can do for them. Studies have shown when children don’t get enough sleep it can affect them. For instance, some kids might have difficulties controlling their emotions while others have trouble paying attention in school. They may even have issues controlling their weight.


emagine, parenting, tick tock turtle

emagine, parenting, tick tock turtle

emagine, parenting, tick tock turtle


Parenting Tips On How To Set Sleeping Patterns For Your Children:

consistent bedtime routine – this helps the body automatically shut down at the beginning of their routine.
turn off and remove distractions – turn off the TV and loud music before bedtime and remove phones, games and mobile devices from the room.
reduce stress before bedtime – address your child’s fears and concerns instead of dismissing them.
reduce the noise level in your home – sometimes we don’t realize how loud things are around the house.
sense of security and control – leave a night light, special toy or blanket to comfort them.
bedtime snacks – give them a small healthy snack before bedtime.

I’ve tried some of the tips I listed above which helped my kids a lot. However, I wish I had a device like the Tick Tock Turtle which trains kids to fall asleep. Tick Tock Turtle which trains kids to fall asleep. Tick Tock Turtle is a bedside alarm clock companion for kids to help them stay on a sleeping schedule. It basically helps deep sleepers and kids who have trouble falling asleep feel well rested and refreshed the next morning. While it does all this, it also teaches kids to count and read.


emagine, parenting, tick tock turtle



How Tick Tock Turtle works:

All you need to do is explain to your children they have to stay in bed while the red light is on. As time passes by, the red lights will slowly disappear until it reaches the time you set for them to wake up. At this time, the center circle will become soft white and the outer circle will begin to change to white one by one every five minutes. If your child can recognize colors, they can use the sleep trainer, but the fun begins when they can start to count the dots.
⇒ Smart Alarm – will help make your child feel refreshed when woken at their best sleep cycle.

⇒ Sleep Light – the red night lights help your child fall asleep easily and securely by simply tapping it on or off.

⇒ Sunrise Light – light therapy to help those sleepy heads wake up easier.

⇒ Count With Me – it trains children at different stages how to countdown the lights.

⇒ Learn Time – it has a simple clock pattern to help kids read the time.

⇒ Hidden Buttons – helps parents control the settings (adjust light, volume, and music).


emagine, parenting, tick tock turtle

Tick Tock Turtle comes in three fun colors

1. blue | 2. lime | 3. Pink


My baby niece Ella absolutely loves her Leilani Tick Tock Turtle. Even though she is a little too young right now to count the colors, it makes her feel secure at bedtime.

Tick Tock Turtle:
• helps build confidence through independence
• reduces morning irritability
• promotes natural waking
• can be used as a nightlight
• teaches kids to count and read


emagine, parenting, tick tock turtle


Finally, if you love giveaways as much as I do, sign up for Tick Tock Turtle’s newsletters at their website.



26 thoughts on “Parenting Tips On How To Set Sleeping Patterns For Your Children

  1. My Children are older now and I forgot all about sleep training. These are wonderful tips, but I sure do not miss those days. Ella is so beautiful by the way!

  2. This looks so awesome! I wish I knew about this when my boys were a bit younger! Such a wonderful idea.

  3. Everyone loves a turtle. I could see how this would be a helpful tool for kids. They get up early and don’t understand they should still be sleeping. I hope this works well for your family when your baby gets older.

  4. These are useful tips for moms to be. I don’t have kids yet but definitely will use these tips later when I have one. Cute baby 👶

  5. Great idea for kids! Routine is so important, even for adults to sleep! I know when I’m out of routine I do not sleep as well.

  6. Oh what a fantastic little tool. I might have to pick this up for my sister-in-law. Her kids and sleep do not get along!

  7. That sounds like such a cool device. I wish I would have had something like that when my daughter was younger. The only thing we did have was classical music for her at night and as few distractions as possible.

  8. I remember how difficult it was to sleep train my lil one but now as she is growing up, her sleep pattern is predictable. Trust me when I say this. I always gave sleeping more importance than anything in the world! 🙂

  9. I would probably be doing the same if I were a parent. Sleeping is very important to children and this is a great way to monitor their sleeping pattern.

  10. Great idea for kids! Now, is there something similar for adults? My sleeping pattern is ridiculous and insomnia doesn’t help.

  11. This is super cute and so useful! I am considering getting it as a gift for a friend who is having a baby soon. 🙂

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