Why Women Are Obsessing Over The Oversized Men’s Watch

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Have you noticed women’s watches have gotten larger in the past few years? These type of watches are called oversized or boyfriend watches. Oversized men’s watch is inspired by menswear wrist watches or your boyfriend wrist watch. Furthermore, this popular trend is used like a statement necklaces in the fashion world. In addition, it creates a bold look on women’s wrists because they are larger than their average-sized wrist watch. It is a way for women to show off their confidence with a huge piece of jewelry that draws attention.

These type of watches have a large face and sometimes wide straps. Some women love wearing them fitted on their wrists and others like wearing them a little loose like a bracelet. The most popular oversized watches are the ones that have large faces and skinny straps in which makes the watch pop out intensely. Boyfriend watches is the perfect “arm candy” accessory for many women to create the look she is looking for! She can simply wear it alone or stack up with one or a few bracelets.

TEMPUS Wood Watches is an eco-friendly brand that sells amazing oversized men’s watch for men and women. TEMPUS Wood Watches make 100% natural reclaimed wood watches from around the world. They basically use recycled timbers that are environmentally friendly to reuse in construction to their ultra-extraordinarily watches. Their women and men’s wood watches are stylish, edgy and long-lasting.


Why Women Are Obsessing Over The Oversized Men’s Watch?

  • it’s trendy
  • creates the perfect arm candy
  • creates a statement just like the statement necklace and cocktail ring
  • makes any outfit pop out
  • draws attention



One of my many addictions is the oversized watches and proudly have a small collection of them to wear with different outfits. I recently added TEMPUS Sandalwood Classico Men’s Wooden Watch to my collection. What caught my attention to this specific watch is its magnificent, rich dark color. I fell in love with the size of the face and straps. The gold-tone trim makes the dark color pop out even more. Its simplicity details and uniqueness makes this one of my favorite oversized watches. I will be able to change my arm candy look with different types of bangles, bracelets, and cuffs.


The Trend And Obsession Of The Oversized Watches

The Trend And Obsession Of The Oversized Watches

The Trend And Obsession Of The Oversized Watches

The Trend And Obsession Of The Oversized Watches

The Obsession With The Oversized Men's Watch


36 thoughts on “Why Women Are Obsessing Over The Oversized Men’s Watch

  1. I’ve seen and heard a lot of buzz of women wearing mens watches recently. I think this is such a nice fashion trend for women. The watch looks nice on you. They look so cool!

  2. This watch is rather cool! I like it!

    By the way, the music on your blog totally scared me. My volume was up from watching YouTube so I was like, “ACK!” It amused my husband at least.

  3. I love your outfit! Watches these days are larger now, I’ve noticed that as well. I think it’s awesome and I prefer them over the smaller watches.

  4. I still love small watches, but I agree there are many who have started using the bigger ones like Men do. The one you wear looks amazing for your hand and I think I should step-in to try something like that based on current fashion trends!

  5. I’m not big on wearing watches because I have a tendency to get into ‘accidents’, lol. But I do love this trend of oversized men’s watches. And with that, I have yet to find my perfect oversized men’s watch – just having a difficult time because I’m really petite and wrist’s just too small.

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