The Many Reason Meditation Have So Much Benefits

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Today finally feels like spring! I was able to walk around my property to find a quiet area to quickly reconnect with my soul, God, and the universe. I do this by meditating a few times per week. Ever since I started practicing meditating it has brought so much peace and happiness into my life. It’s almost like experiencing a piece of heaven here on earth. Meditation is a practice where people train their mind to a mode of consciousness. It helps you get to a state of deep peace that occurs when the mind is completely emptied. When my mind is totally calm and silent, I feel strongly connected to God.



Meditation Is Great Because It:

  • reduces stress
  • increases calmness and clarity
  • helps fight depression
  • helps you stay focus
  • blocks negative thinking
  • promotes happiness



Meditation, Vibration Apparel, OM Spiritual Starburst Muscle T-shirt


Meditation, Vibration Apparel, OM Spiritual Starburst Muscle T-shirt



While I meditate I like wearing clothes that help me stay positive like this fascinating OM Spiritual Starburst Muscle T-shirt from Vibration Apparel. This heartfelt company focuses on the good in each and every super soft, yoga-inspired shirt from their uniquely designed collection. Vibration Apparel deeply believes that life is an echo: what you send out to the universe comes back to you. I really like the color and strong Om graphic design details in front of it. In addition, it is trendy enough to wear with any color denim, khaki pants, shorts or skirts. Personally, I cannot wait to wear it with my denim overalls.



Meditation, Vibration Apparel, OM Spiritual Starburst Muscle T-shirt



Meditation Techniques:

There are different ways to meditate. I personally enjoy meditating outdoors when the weather is nice. The peaceful noises of nature and wind whispering in my ear help me relax quickly. Also, the sound of rain drops hitting the rooftop of the cathedral ceilings of my house and the sound of thunder relaxes me even more.


During winter months, I tend to wait until everyone leaves the house. I turn on my favorite app like Relaxtopia which help me get into that relaxation stage. My favorite sound to listen on the app is the Om meditation sound. Om is a mantra, or vibration, that is traditionally chanted while meditating. In Hinduism, Om is one of the most important spiritual symbols such as soul, self within.


Don’t forget to take deep breaths and gently inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth, namaste



Meditation, Vibration Apparel, OM Spiritual Starburst Muscle T-shirt


Meditation, Vibration Apparel, OM Spiritual Starburst Muscle T-shirt


Meditation, Vibration Apparel, OM Spiritual Starburst Muscle T-shirt


Meditation, Vibration Apparel, OM Spiritual Starburst Muscle T-shirt





52 thoughts on “The Many Reason Meditation Have So Much Benefits

  1. I know so many people that love to meditate. It gives them lots of benefits. 🙂

  2. I’ve actually just started to meditate. I find it hard to achieve true relaxation, I suspect this comes with practice. I really believe in the benefits of meditation so I’m looking forward to continuing to get better at it. Thanks for this post.

  3. I never knew meditating has so many benefits. The om t-shirt is beautiful. I am going to check what other tees they have.

  4. I love to meditate. I feel so centered. I think thats why I love Buddhist temples too. The incense, chanting and peace and serenity are amazing to the soul.

  5. I need to learn how to empty my mind. I’ve tried to meditate but I am terrible at sticking to a routine.

  6. Great post!! As a mom of 3 under the age of 5, I’m beginning to go a bit bonkers and really need to start daily meditation, maybe after the kids go down. Thanks for the app idea, I’m gonna check out Relaxtopia!

  7. I loved your top! Also, I love your post about meditation. How cool is that, it reduces stress and yes, promotes happiness. I have been meditating since I was 16 and I can say that it’s great! I recommend it to many people! But there is so much to learn, always. It must be great meditating outdoors, but I confess that I prefer doing it indoors! Wishing you a lovely day!

    1. Wow, I cannot believe you have been meditating since 16. I was someone introduced it to me at a younger age. Glad to hear you like the top and have a lovely day as well, Denise. 🙂

  8. Meditation provides so many great benefits. As a busy and sometimes stressed Mommy, I should really remember to practice this more often. I love your OM tee and this location looks like such a beautiful place to meditate.

    1. We sure need to remember to take time for ourselves so that we can take care of our loved ones better. I’m so lucky that this is my part of my property here in PA, love it so much! Also, glad to hear you like the OM tee. 🙂

  9. I love meditation myself. I could totally relate to this. The quiet and the stillness are so peaceful and SO healing. I love that tank too; it’s cute.

  10. Sometimes taking time out of your day to stop and be still is just what people need. So many people get too caught up in business in life and forget to stop and take a deep breath and enjoy the sunshine.

  11. That setting is gorgeous. Of course, we can meditate anywhere but a place with so much natural beauty and soothing sounds helps a lot too. Thanks for these cool tips.

  12. I really like the idea of meditating. It’s a great way to calm yourself down and get rid of all your stress. It also helps you become more positive.

  13. One of the reasons I chose yoga as my daily exercise is for the chance to meditate as well while getting fit. I love being able to free my mind of worries and just living in the moment.

  14. Meditation is so incredible. I have anxiety and was advised to practice meditation and mindfulness and it really has helped immensely. It’s so simple to do as well and improves focus.


  15. I also like meditating in a peaceful place with a mild breeze of air. It brings out my bad chi and replaced with good chi.

  16. A much-needed share, given to how much stress people are going through, and the inability to set it aside while it leeches out our positive energy!

  17. Meditation really is a great stress reliever! We should all incorporate it into out lives

  18. I tried meditating once. I never really got into it though. I love your necklace though.

  19. I love to meditate! I try at least 3 times a day. Definitely start my day off with it!

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