Why There Are Many Women Intimidated By Makeup

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There are many women intimidated to try out different shades of makeup because they just don’t know which colors look well with their complexion. Makeup kits are perfect for women that feel this way because it gives them the opportunity to experiment with colors. Even though sometimes it feels impossible, it can be done with patience! Pixi makeup kits come with a variety of shades in their eyeshadow, bronzer, contour, blush and lipstick kits. What is even better about Pixi Beauty line is it will make you look fabulous without breaking the bank.





Pixi Beauty Makeup Kit


Why There Are Many Women Intimidated By Makeup, Pixi Beauty By Petra

Why There Are Many Women Intimidated By Makeup, Pixi Beauty By Petra

Why There Are Many Women Intimidated By Makeup, Pixi Beauty By Petra

Pixi’s palettes contain all amazing transition colors that quickly take anyone from day to night.




Why There Are Many Women Intimidated By Makeup, Pixi Beauty By Petra

·2-in-1 Double Cleanse #0133 is a solid cleansing oil and cream. It features one side of cleansing oil and the other side a cleaning cream. The solid cleansing oil and cream duo makes double cleansing effortless and effective. The Solid Cleansing oil removes makeup and sunscreen and the Luxe cleaning cream cleanses the skin.




Why There Are Many Women Intimidated By Makeup, Pixi Beauty By Petra

·Strobe & Sculpt Brush #0132 is a highlighting and contouring brush duo used to highlight, contour and sculpture your face features. One end of the brush is designed for highlighting. The other side holds a flat edge buffing brush.

·12 Lip Colour Palette #0129 is a collection of super flattering lip cremes. It is hydrating and easy to apply with your finger or a lip brush.

·12 Eyeshadow Palette #0128 is a fabulous palette of super silky eyeshadows that are highly blendable and easy to use day or night.




Why There Are Many Women Intimidated By Makeup, Pixi Beauty By Petra

·Strobe & Sculpt #0130 is a sheer mineral powder glow, powder highlight, and contour palette. This palette refines lighting and defines shading. The contour shades create realistic shadows. The highlight shades give luminosity to amplify and reflect light for a flawless finish.

·Strobe & Bronze #0131 is a mineral powder glow and bronze palette. This palette gives you a natural lighting and sunkissed warmth look. It also creates a soft luminosity to amplify the light and natural definition to your face.

·Eye Accents Precision Mascara And Brow Gel #0741 This duo will define and accent your eyes. The Lower lash mascara comes with a precision detail brush to effortlessly coat every hard to get lash. The long-wearing gel brow will tame and set your brows to look perfect all day.




Why There Are Many Women Intimidated By Makeup, Pixi Beauty By Petra


·Glow-y Powder #123-#124 is a natural, soft velvety highlighter that adds a hint of glow and create a luminous effect.

·Glow-y Powder Cheek Powder #125 is a natural, silky blush that has a hint of glow, sheer to give you perfect rosy cheeks. All of these 3 products will hydrate and reflect light to brighten your complexion.



Why There Are Many Women Intimidated By Makeup


40 thoughts on “Why There Are Many Women Intimidated By Makeup

  1. Im not one to wear makeup, but not because I’m intimidated of it. I stopped wearing it because of the cancer causing chemicals, cost and convenience of not wearing any. I’ve reduced my morning routine by 15 minutes.

  2. There are a lot of choices out there. I am not intimidated by it, though. I just don’t need it. 🙂

    1. I totally understand there are a lot of people that do not wear like yourself. In this post, I am referring to those that wear makeup but are afraid to try out different shades. I used to be one of those women. I used to feel comfortable to wearing browns and grays only and too afraid to try out different colors.

  3. When you find great makeup that works, it goes on naturally. I love to wear makeup and sell it as a side hustle. I feel pretty every day now.

  4. These are all pretty! I guess you could say I’m somewhat intimidated, but also somewhat beyond caring about makeup. Most of the time I don’t bother because I’m just out running errands.

    1. I totally understand that makeup is not everyone. When I’m around my house I don’t wear any makeup. I just apply products to take care of my skin. But when I go out of the house I do apply some. 🙂

  5. It’s intimidating if you’re not sure how to properly use it. I think this is a nice introduction to make-up. I love that it has everything that you need to start!

  6. Makeup is not my big thing but I have known women who didn’t want to wear much. Their claim was that they didn’t want to overdo it. And I have certainly seen some women who have.

  7. Well, I am one of those women who were intimidated by it at first. But now, I am starting to embrace it. I actually love lipsticks so much and have a massive collection!


  8. I actually am not afraid of trying new things. I don’t do it often in my makeup because I prefer a natural look so I stay in the same color palette.

  9. I don’t usually experiment with make up too. I have never tried Pixi products before, but I heard they are awesome!

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