Largest Jackpot In The World

Today, Wednesday, January 13, 2016, many Americans have 1.5 billion reasons to play the Powerball. For few winners, it has become a reality but for the rest of us just an out of this world dream. It only cost $2.00 to purchase a Powerball ticket in 42 states. But the chances of wining this spectacular pot is 1 in 292m. However, this doesn’t discourage many American dreamers to play the largest jackpot in the world history. The Powerball gives the players 2 ways to cash in. If you take the prize as a “one-time cash payment,” (most players choose this option) you will get only $930 million, before taxes. Personally, I’m not complaining with this amount because it is still a LOT of money! The other choice players have is the “installment payment for the next 30 years.” If you select this option, you will get the entire $1.5 billion but in yearly installment payments. I know, I know… Most of you are asking, who the heck wants to wait for the next 30 years to receive the money. I know I don’t! We just don’t have any guarantees on how long we are going to live, right? All I can say if you win tonight, the amount of food, travel, clothes, accessories and shoes you can purchase will be endless! 😆


Powerball, Largest Jackpot In The World

Largest Jackpot In The World

Q: Could you be that billionaire jackpot winner (check your Powerball numbers here)? What are some of your plans if you win the Powerball tonight?


Here are some of my plans: The first thing I would do is payoff my bills, my house and student loans. Then I will purchase a huge acre of land where I can have my builder build me a cozy, small but roomy home. Part of my land will be used to start my “dream business,” (I rather keep it to myself for now but will share with you once it is put in place 😉 ). Also, I will take a few trips, purchase a new wardrobe that will fit perfectly in my dream walk in closet/office where I would do “ootd posts.” Finally I will help some family members and donate money to charities to help senior citizens and protect animals from abuse.



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  1. I love your plans. I think the first thing that I would do would be giving money to the church for a bigger place and parking lot. I would buy the company that I am currently working at and still work there under cover once a week. LOL! I would definitely have my dream home and my farm.

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