Keto Dessert That Is Tasty & Quick To Serve

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Nowadays, there are many people on special diets because they are sensitive to certain types of foods. Being on a Keto diet can be extreme challenging, especially during gatherings. Because of this, I serve Keto dessert during family weekend gatherings and holiday events. This way, my guests feel welcomed and happy that I thought of them.


Think of All The Guests By Using Keto Dessert…

Assuming everyone is on the same diet is not fair for your guests. I’ve been to places where I had to starve because they didn’t offered anything I could eat. In fact, I was one of those hosts who assumed everyone was on the same diet as me. That lasted until certain foods started affecting me. Now I feel the best thing to do is serve a few dishes that will cater to a large portion of people on special diets. For example, people who are on vegetarian, vegan, keto and paleo diets can eat salads, nuts and mixed vegetable dishes. For dessert, many of them enjoy variety of fruits. However, fruits can get a little boring when everyone else is eating sweets. This is why I personally like serving Lenny & Larry’s Keto Cookies.™ If gluten-free is important to you, then you’ll love them too! These tasty keto treats have 3g net carbs, 5g fiber grain, gluten free and no soy. Furthermore, Lenny & Larry’s Keto Cookies is perfect for vegans. It has no dairy or eggs ingredients and has 8g plant-based protein. They will make guests who are on special diets feel special.

Other additionally amazing details:

•it has no high fructose corn syrup

•does not have any artificial sweeteners

Keto Dessert, holiday dessert, weekend dessert

Keto Dessert, holiday dessert, weekend dessert


Why Lenny & Larry’s Keto Dessert Cookies Work For me…

Lenny & Larry’s Keto Cookies work for me because I’m on a paleo/Keto diet and I have vegan family members that come over most weekends. It’s so hard to find tasty plant based protein keto products that are close to me. These cookies are conveniently available at my local Walmart in the the nutrition aisle, next to the pharmacy. I pick a couple boxes up whenever I go food shopping. What’s so cool about them is that I don’t have to bake them. These yummy treats are ready to serve.

Keto Dessert, holiday dessert, weekend dessert

Keto Dessert, holiday dessert, weekend dessert

Lenny and Larry’s Cookies come in a variety of flavors. My favorite are the peanut butter, chocolate chip and coconut keto cookies. These nutritious delicious snackable sweets satisfy my sweet-tooth whenever I eat them.

Keto Dessert, holiday dessert, weekend dessert

My guests and I agree they are thick, soft and mouthwatering. You should try them!


23 thoughts on “Keto Dessert That Is Tasty & Quick To Serve

  1. Well would you look at that! I need to find this variety and offer it up to my husband, see if he likes them!

  2. It’s not always easy to find food to cater to everyone. We have a group that gets together every month for dinner, and have a variety of diets including one with severe dairy allergy and another who is vegetarian. Plus quite a few picky kids, too. These sound like a great option for most of our group.

  3. Last night, my friend Kim was over and she was telling me and trying to convince me to try the Keto diet. Today, I am reading this wonderful post from you. Maybe, I will give it a try for real.

  4. The cookies look tasty, yummy and healthy too! I am not on any special diet yet would love to give these a try though. ☺

  5. I am always on the hunt for good peanut butter cookies that my vegan and gluten free friends can enjoy! I’ll have to look for these.

  6. These would def be good to keep on hand for when we have friends w/diet restrictions visiting (eg this weekend). It can be so hard to accommodate everyone’s needs! 🙂

  7. Oooh I haven’t tried these ones, but I’ve tried other Lenny & Larry’s cookies. They are awesome! I love that they are catering to all diets!

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