Keep Yourself Safe And Secure From Sexual Violence

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It is so important to keep ourselves safe and secure from sexual violence by being aware of our surroundings. What is so scary is that every 98 seconds, someone is being sexual assaulted. Also, 1 out of every 6 American women has been victims of sexual assault in her lifetime. 29% women were traveling to and from running errands, travel, school or work. Sexual assault is not just rape, it is any type of forced sexual contact or attempts to obtain a sexual act from a stranger or someone you know.


Keep Yourself Safe And Secure From Sexual Violence

While there is no way to eliminate the chance of being sexual assaulted, there are devices such as the Portable Personal Alarm from SABRE that can help us stay safer. This device reduces the risk of being attack and will give us confidence when we are alone.


Keep yourself safe, SABRE, RAINN, Personal Alarm


Keep yourself safe, SABRE, RAINN, Personal Alarm


I feel so much safer now that I have my portable Personal Alarm. It is easy to take with me anywhere. It features a dual siren design with two sirens sounding at different frequencies. The compact design allows the device to be discretely carried around with me anywhere. The key ring allows me to easily attach it to my keychain or handbags. In addition, it was super simple to active it. All I needed to do was removed the keychain pin from the alarm.


Keep yourself safe, SABRE, RAINN, Personal Alarm



36 thoughts on “Keep Yourself Safe And Secure From Sexual Violence

  1. A portable personal alarm is a great idea. I just read the other day a great tip to take our car keys to bed with us if you have a car alarm on your dongle. If something happens in the middle of the night, sound your car alarm to draw attention and if you’re friendly with your neighbors to let them know so if they hear it they know to come help!

  2. Is it super loud? I am interested in such a device. I think the world around us demands that we carry something that will help us in such an event.

  3. What a great safety item that everyone should have on their keychain. I might consider getting one of these for my college age child to help make her feel safer .

  4. I think every woman should have a way to be able to defend themselves and this is a great idea for all women to have! I think I might get one.

  5. Thank you for sharing this. It is definitely important to stay safe these days. I try to stay in the routine of letting loved ones know my whereabouts so if I dont check in they can call me, but this is something even better.

  6. What a great product – if you do something where you have to be out late at night or early in the morning.

  7. This is so handy! It would be great for runners, for sure, but I can see how it would be great for anytime you have to go somewhere alone.

  8. I love that little alarm and it is small and compact great for hiking, walking, running, whatever! It is important to be safe!

  9. This personal alarm is a great tool to have if find yourself alone in dark places. I used to carry pepper spray on my keychain but I think this might be a much better option.

  10. This is really nice. I should get each of my twins one so that they can carry it with them any time. They’re in their twenties and I worry about them especially now that they have their own lives. I want to make sure that they’re safe all the time.

  11. I have a daughter who is currently in college and I want to make sure that when she walks alone especially at night, she feels safe knowing that this can save her life. I think I should get her one of these!

  12. Sexual violence is far too prevalent and swept under the rug way too often. Thank you for opening up the conversation and for sharing a great way to keep women safe.

  13. This is something worth having. we live in a perverted world and little security things like this become precious in the time of danger.

  14. One cant ever be too safe against sexual assault! This is something everyone should have. Kids, women, men… anyone! I love how easy it is to activate it! In moments of need, simplicity is necessary.

  15. Ooooo having one of these would be really great when traveling!! You never know what could happen when walking around a city. Better safe than sorry

  16. I studied justice in college so a majority of my classes were about criminal behavior, victimology and the justice system. I’m always the girl telling my friends how to make safer choices. This looks like a great product to carry with your keys!

  17. This is a great product and so important. I was given mace to carry on my keychain when I went o college and was also scared that it might accidentally get sprayed. I would have much rather carried around an alarm.

  18. This is cool and such a genius way to keep yourself safe, especially when traveling or if you live in a big city (NY, Chicago, etc). I’ve seen apps for your phone that do something like this!

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