Join Pinterest Group Boards

Welcome, let’s work and grow together! Are you looking to grow your Pinterest engagement? I have a few Pinterest group boards that you can join. Each Pinterest group board has around 6 thousand followers on them. If you are interested, carefully read through the rules to join the group boards and the rules to follow once you’ve been accepted into the Pinterest group boards.


Pinterest Group Board


The first thing we ask is to follow my Pinterest account, @eastcoasterlifestyle and the group board(s) you want to join. I follow back everyone that I add into the group(s). You may add pins that are bright, clear, neat and have the correct pin size dimensions. A total of 3 pins per day spread apart is allowed. No sexual, racist or drug use related pins. No spamming, adding a section of your own or adding the same pin again to the board(s). The final steps we ask is to share at least 1 pin for every pin you post. This helps all the board mates and it also helps you to increase views.

First, follow my Pinterest account before you request to join: @EastCoasterLifestyle.

Second, follow the Pinterest Group Board(s) you want to join and contribute to before you request to join.

Third, read the rules on each board and answer the questions below.

*failure to follow the rules will result in being removed from the group without notice. Please give me a few hours or a day to add you into the group.