Jewelry Ring That Is Trendy, Affordable And Durable

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Selecting a wedding band is extremely important to couples. There are a few details people look when selecting a band. For starters, the metal color and durability is probably what people look most. Other things people look for is if the metal is scratch resistance,  hypoallergenic, tarnish resistance and resizable. 


Jewelry Ring Metal Types:

  • Black Ceramic weighs medium and is low scratch resistance. It is durable not resizable.
  • Cobalt Chrome weighs medium and is medium scratch resistance. It weighs medium. It has low scratch resistance and it is not resizable. The metal is as white as platinum. It is hypoallergenic, scratch resistant and not resizable.
  • Gold weighs medium and is low scratch resistance. It is traditional popular choice jewelry, easy to engraved and resizable.
  • Palladium weighs light and is medium scratch resistance. It is a silver-white metal from the platinum group. It will not tarnish, durable, hypoallergenic and resizable.
  • Plating 4 (P4) weighs medium and is high scratch resistance. It is white, resistant to tarnishing. It is hypoallergenic and it’s resizable.
  • Platinum weighs heavy and it is medium scratch resistance. It is durable, hypoallergenic, never tarnishes and it is resizable.
  • Stainless steel weighs medium and it is low in scratch resistance. It is hypoallergenic, tarnish resistance, durable and not resizable.
  • Silver weighs heavy and it is low in scratch resistance. It is very soft and resizable. The soft characteristics of silver allow for easy carving or engraving.
  • Titanium weighs light and is low scratch resistance. It is durable, tarnish resistant, hypoallergenic and not resizable.
  • Tungsten Carbide weighs heavy and is extremely high in scratch resistance. It is durable, tarnish resistance, hypoallergenic and not resizable.
  • Vitalium weighs medium and is high scratch resistance. It will not tarnish or discolor, hypoallergenic and it is not resizable.


Jewelry Ring That Is Trendy, Affordable And Durable…


Jewelry Ring


Ring Review:

My husband was looking for a plain durable band that he could wear because the one he has right now is to fancy to be wearing for everyday use. I recently had the opportunity to get him the Tan’s Tungsten wedding band. This band arrived in a really nice brown jewelry ring box.

The metal feels durable and the color looks amazing. We were impressed with the thickness of the ring which fit perfectly on his thick fingers. The only issue we came across is the sizing of the Tungsten ring. I suggest if you decide to order one select a smaller size. My husband wears a size 13 and I should have ordered it a sized 12.


Jewelry Ring  Jewelry Ring Jewelry Ring

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  1. We opted for white gold wedding bands–and yes, a simple plain band is very good for everyday wear, especially since so many jobs require rings without stones.

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