How To Decrease Your Pores Instantly

How To Decrease Your Pores. Many of us who suffer from enlarged pores wish we could magically make them completely disappear. Seriously do we even need them?!? Unfortunately we do because pores is what helps sweat pass to keep us cool and is where each of our hair follicle is surrounded by. These tiny openings that cover our skin can sometimes appear annoyingly enlarged especially with people with oily skin. But the good news is we can find ways to minimize the way they look.

How To Decrease Your Pores: What Causes Large Pores?

  • genetics (runs in the family),
  • clogged pores (an excess amount of skin oils and dead skin cells),
  • black heads (acne infections resulting from clogged pores),
  • sun damage (years of sun exposure can shrink and thicken your skin),  
  • aging (due to loss of elasticity). 


How To Decrease Your Pores Instantly: 

  • wash face daily (prevents pores from expanding due to holding extra oil and dirt buildup),
  • exfoliate your skin,
  • use sunscreen (prevents sun damage),
  • use spot/facial treatments (decreases oil production),
  • eat healthier (fatty foods inflame your skin due to the unhealthy oils causing clogged pores),
  • remove your makeup before bedtime (causes clogged pores and blackheads due to dirt buildup).



How To Decrease Your Pores

My pores went through so much abuse through my teens and early twenties. I am embarrassed to admit there were times I went to bed with my makeup on and didn’t wash or exfoliate my face as much as I should have?. How gross!!! No wonder I suffered from huge clogged pores and blackheads! And at the time I couldn’t understand why?.  Thank God those days are gone! Today I still suffer from enlarge pores but follow the rules on how to decrease their size. I have tried different products that have help keep the size of them in control.


Recently I teamed up with StriVectin who asked me to try their Advanced Retinol Pore Refiner (Disclaimer: please note even though I was given this product for free all my opinions are my own). This brand say their product is suppose to reduce the appearance of enlarge pores, provide visible age fighting, refine texture for smooth skin and even complexion. It has been 14 days since I have been using the Advance Retinol Pore Refiner lotion twice a day in certain areas of my skin where my enlarge pores are more visible. I’ve noticed my skin in those areas are less oily, looks firmer and my pores look smaller. I definitely see myself using this product in the future and probably buy it in Ulta or Macy’s. They also sell it in directly in their online store, Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Avenue.

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