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A clean living environment contributes to healthier and happier environment. Some people genuinely enjoy cleaning their homes but some just dislike it. House cleaning does take a lot time. Especially, when you work, have children who keep you busy and run errands and your day off. Using the right tools to assist with your busy schedule can keep your home looking in tip-top shape.


Robot Vacuum, Amarey, House Cleaning


House Cleaning With The Robot Vacuum

Gadgets like the Robot Vacuum Amarey A900 helps cleans every inch of your home, so you can focus on other tasks. It has a 3 stage cleaning system which cleans several floor types, navigates around objects in your house, responds to your voice commands with Alexa or Google Assistant, and runs for an hour of continuous cleaning. It has a strong suction and effective spinning side brush along with its ability to be programmed and controlled from an app make it a worthy competitor to high-end bots. The initial setup time spent setting the Robot Vacuum is well worth it. It took me less than 7 minutes to set up.


Robot Vacuum, Amarey, House Cleaning


The Robot Vacuum A900 Smart Features

The Robot Vacuum has so many cool features and has a cleaning speed 30% faster than other robot vacuums. It automatically charges once the battery is low. Then continues to clean when it’s done recharging. The strong suction is really powerful and the 360º sensor prevents it from causing a collision. It has optimal cleaning path which is detected by its intelligent camera. The dual gyrosecope, electric eye tracks the cleaning planning route. Its easy to use app is used as remote control. Also, the Alexa voice control and Google helps customize a cleaning program for you. With this you will be able to exactly calculate your cleaning path without missing a spot. In addition, it also has effective cleaning modes for all floor types.


Robot Vacuum, Amarey, House Cleaning


Specs & Features:

  1. App & Alexa Controls: works as an assistant to set cleaning modes, schedule cleaning times and  adjustment the types of suction.

2. Auto Adjust Suction For Deep Cleaning: auto-adjust powerful suction. This is great to use on carpet and deep cleaning. It removes pet hair, dirt, dust, dust-mites and pollen.

3. Boundary Strip With Smart Sensor: detects the boundary strip you set, keeps away from certain area,  allows will not cross certain cleaning zone areas.

4. Self-Charging & Breakpoint Resumption: automatically returns to the charging dock station when it needs to recharge and when the job is done. If the job has not been completed after it is recharged, it will continue from where it left off.


Robot Vacuum, Amarey, House Cleaning


Finally, the Robot Vacuum will be your favorite gadget to use in your home. Especially when you’re a busy parent. It is easy to use and will clean your floors while you spend your time on more important things—like spending time with your family.


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22 thoughts on “House Cleaning Gadget To Make Life Simpler

  1. I have a similar one and it is amazing. It saves me so much time. I can just do something else while having it runs around.

  2. My boys have been begging me to get one of these! My in-laws have one and they’ve named it Lucy and love following it around the house. They were terrified of it at first but now they like to let it bump into them to make it turn around.

  3. So right! Cleaning the house is time consuming & yet vital. House cleaning gadgets are a great help!!

  4. I always wish I’d invested in one of these instead of my Dyson. When we buy I home I’ll definitely be getting one!

  5. So they’re safe to use on wooden floors? I’ve always wondered about that – and worried how we would program it to clean our multi-level home, which has little steps up and down…we’d have to physically move it up and down to the different levels a lot…

  6. I saw this in a Youtube ad recently. My apartment it too small for this but I know there is a lot of people who would love this. I would love this when I get a bigger apartment.

  7. Wow, I am so happy to come across this. I have chronic pain and struggle with cleaning. This would be a big help.

  8. Ooo how exciting is this smart gadget. Looks like a little helping hand xx.

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