Hair Care Products Choosing The Right One

How do we select the right hair care product when there are so many out in the market to choose from? The answer to choosing the right hair care product is you need one that matches your specific hair type! You see, different hair care products have different features and benefits. It is important to select and match what your hair needs in order to get the most bounce, luster, and health for your hair.

Selecting The Right Hair Care Product With Your Hair Type:

  • Fine hair: Use products that have volumizing ingredients to add body to your hair.
  • Dry/Curly hair: Use products that have intensive moisture replenishment with natural oil ingredients which are easily absorbed by the hair. This will prevent your hair from looking dry and frizzy.
  • Oily hair: Use products that are specifically formulated for oily hair. Stay away from products that bills itself as moisturizing or conditioning.




I was lucky to be asked to review MATRIX (who is part of L’Oreal) newest hair care products. The MATRIX Oil Wonders Volume Rose System is an innovative silicone free product. It is infused with delicate rose regimen that provides a rose colored path resilient volume to fine hair. The MATRIX Total Results Miracle & The So Long Damage enhances and makes your hair shine. It also helps boost your hair strength, it reduces breakage and allows your hair to grow longer.


The MATRIX Oil Wonders Volume Rose: (perfect for fine hair)

  • pre-shampoo treatment oil– Provides a boost of lightweight nourishment for damaged hair and help reduce breakage.
  • shampoo -Removes dirt and buildup and leaves your hair feeling soft and shine.
  • conditioner -Provides softness and long lasting nourishment to every strand.
  • volume rose mousse– Provides the ideal balance of nourishment and control for long lasting volume.


The MATRIX Total Results So Long Damage : (Perfect for dry/curly hair)

  • shampoo & conditioner– Cleanses, shines, repairs and enhances. Ceramides penetrate, restructure and resurface hair for up to 88% less breakage.
  • break fix– Reconstructs leave in elixir that helps repair damage and prevents breakage. It instantly resurfaces brittle strands as it recharges health shine.
  • iron tamer– Heat protective lotion helps protect hair against high heat damage for an easier, gentler heat styling process.


The MATRIX Total Results Miracle: (extender: perfect for oily hair. creator: perfect for oily & dry/curly hair)

  • miracle extender– Is a dry shampoo which refreshes your hair in minutes and absorbs oil to revive your second-day look.
  • miracle creator– Is a multi-tasking treatment that has 20 beautifying benefits for your hair: (1. leave in for nourishment, 2. boots shine 3. smooths the cuticle 4. helps prevent breakage from brushing 5. adds moisture 6. helps prevent heat damage 7. helps fight frizz 8. helps even out porosity 9. minimizes damage 10. detangles, 11. reduces dryness 12. conditions lightly 13. controls fly aways 14. helps prevent split ends 15. helps soften 16. makes blow dry process easier 17. helps correct roughness 18. helps shield against external aggressors 19. improves manageability 20. primes hair for styling.)


My Experience MATRIX:

I wasn’t able to use the MATRIX Oil Wonders Volume Rose products because it is made for fine hair and I have natural thick curly hair. Although my husband who has fine hair was able to use it. He enjoyed the fresh smell it left on his hair. He loved how healthy his hair and scalp felt. I was able to use the MATRIX Total Results So Long Damage and the MATRIX Total Result Miracle. These products left my hair smelling amazing, feeling soft and silky. I absolutely love how light the shampoo and conditioner made my hair feel! The soft scent was easier to tolerate than the Oil Wonder Volume Rose because of my fragrance allergies. The products made it easy to blow dry and flat iron my hair. I was glad the iron tamer protected my hair from the blow dryer and flat iron heat. 


MATRIX Hair Care, Hair Care Product Choosing The Right One

MATRIX Hair Care, Hair Care Product Choosing The Right One

MATRIX Hair Care, Hair Care Product Choosing The Right One

MATRIX Hair Care, Hair Care Product Choosing The Right One

MATRIX Hair Care, Hair Care Product Choosing The Right One

MATRIX Hair Care Products, Hair Care Product Choosing The Right One

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