Why Green DIY Cleaning Is Beneficial

In recent years, green DIY cleaning has become a new trend especially with people with children and pets. The reason for this is because non-natural products are very toxic. Using natural DIY cleaning tricks has been around for generations because it’s cheaper and healthier.

Before there were cleaning products out in the market, most people created their cleaning products with natural things they had around their homes. As time went by, women starting using mysterious chemicals that most were toxic to the lungs, skin and digestion system. ,


Why Are Cleaning Products Harming?

Some of these harmful cleaning products are still harming many people because it releases toxic chemicals. Some of these chemicals includes, volatile organic compounds, ammonia, bleach and more. When chemicals like volatile organic compounds is released it creates chronic respiratory problems, allergic reactions and headaches.


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Author, Sarah Flowers book, “Cleaning Hacks,” teaches you how to take control of your cleaning to do list in a quick, affordable and simple matter with effective all natural solutions. Some of theĀ natural products Sara suggests can be mixed within minutes. You can pick up your copy at Barnes & Noble, Target.com and Amazon.com.



Cleaning Hacks Book Tips By Sarah Flowers

I really like the Cleaning Hacks book because it gives you exactly 652 all natural solutions for removing spots, stains, scrum and more. Below I’ve listed a few examples to keep your house and laundry clean.


  • make wood shine with beer.
  • use baking soda to clean surfaces and do laundry.
  • remove coffee stains from ceramic mugs with baking soda or salt and lemon.
  • disinfect raw meat and poultry messes with hydrogen peroxide and hot water.
  • spraying recipe cards with natural hair spray can prevent smudges and food stains?
  • put on your rubber gloves to remove pet hair instead of a link brush. The hair fibers will stick to the glove.
  • repeal ants with vinegar.
  • absorb liquid spills on carpets with cornstarch.
  • prevent water spots on sink faucets with waxed paper.
  • remove rust with a potato.
  • clean bacteria off your sponge by putting it the microwave.


green diy cleaning, cleaning hacks, book, tips


We all know it is best to use all natural products or create them if we want to keep our families and pets healthier. It will prevent health issues for you and your family and save a lot of money.

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16 thoughts on “Why Green DIY Cleaning Is Beneficial

  1. I’ve been working on eliminating chemical cleaning products. When we run out of something I find a replacement. My son is obsessed with the smell of Thieves from Young Living and was more excited than me when I opened our box today with Thieves cleaner in it! He is 6 and he begs me to let him clean because he loves it! I’ll have to see if I can find this book because it sounds like a perfect one for what I’ve been trying to accomplish lately, too.

  2. I love making my own cleaning supplies. It’s so much healthier and I know what goes in it.

  3. I never knew that there is such thing as green cleaning. This is such a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love the idea of using all natural products for cleaning! This sounds like a great book. I can’t wait to check it out more!!

  5. Great article! I use baking soda to clean almost everything. Apple vinegar, too! Thank you for posting this!

  6. I love a good cleaning hack and esepcially a green cleanign hack! Going to check these out and see if I can do them!

  7. I am getting used to green cleaning. We’re lately buying our cleaning products from Whole foods. I know it is not enough but it is just a convenient start for us. I can’t wait to start doing our own cleaning products.

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