The Huge Popularity And Beauty In Gemstones Jewelry


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Have you noticed there is a huge popularity in wearing gemstones jewelry? Stones are so popular because they are energetic sponges. These types of gemstones have been used for ages. They are extremely beautiful. It has been believed stones carry powers and healing abilities. Many people love how stunning they look in jewelry. Also, others use them for their power while meditating.



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Tons of people are increasingly intrigued by certain stones. The reason for this is because they are unique and offer energies in certain areas in our lives. Gemstones come in various colors and sizes. Some are vibrant in color and may fade if kept in direct sunlight for long periods of time.


I recently received an extraordinary stone bracelet from LovePray Jewelry. This fashionable faceted wrist Mala bracelet is modern and made with 27 alluring beads. The stone has incredible golden-yellow and brown sparkly colors. The bracelet I am wearing in the picture is the Mala wrist Tiger’s Eye bracelet.This bracelet has 27 beads and made with thick hi-tec elastic to easy wrap around our wrists.




Gemstones, Jewelry LovePray Jewelry,



Tiger’s Eye is one of my favorite gemstones because of its earthy colors and powerful meaning. People use Tiger Eye stone for prosperity, protection, aides harmony, clears thinking, enhances integrity, releases fear and anxiety. In addition, this stone is said to increases good luck.



Gemstones, Jewelry LovePray Jewelry,


Gemstones, Jewelry LovePray Jewelry


Gemstones, Jewelry LovePray Jewelry,



Other LovePray Gemstone Bracelets

  • Amethyst heals and protects. It basically reduces stress and balances mood
  • Rock Crystal heals wound and it is associated with balance, clarity, and energy.
  • Rose Quartz is used for love, heart-healing, and emotional healing.
  • Smoky Quartz is used for positivity. It banishes negative energy, improves confidence, leadership, and communication.
  • Lapis Lazuli helps intuition. Also encourages self-awareness, self-expression and reveals inner truth, providing qualities of honesty and compassion.




42 thoughts on “The Huge Popularity And Beauty In Gemstones Jewelry

  1. I love tiger’s eye too. It’s so unique and unexpected in jewelry which appeals to me.

  2. Very interesting post. I’ll have to look more into gem stones. Sounds like a good idea.

  3. These are so fabulous. I LOVE Tiger’s Eye! So classic and goes with everything!


  4. Wow Never knew about gems in such detail. Thanx for sharing and the bracelet looks beautiful!

  5. I love that gemstones are used in accessories more these days! It’s really lovely and it wouldn’t hurt to believe what they can bring to your energy.

  6. How can you say no to this lovely bracelet! I love jewelry that has gemstones in it! It’s really beautiful

  7. This bracelet is so beautiful. I have to check this brand to see more from them!

  8. Very pretty bracelet. My GF makes her own jewelry from gemstones we collect on our trips to North Carolina. She made one similar to what you’re wearing only she has someone else cut the stones.

  9. Very pretty love the bracelets. I would love to have one in my birth stone month.

  10. Love the gemstones, they are really gorgeous and the colour really stands out! Love the colour match with the Jord Watch!

  11. These are very beautiful. From the sounds of it, since I’m so busy, I need an amethyst in my life. I need to reduce my stress.

  12. I didn’t know about tiger eye gemstone. I do love gemstones a lot, though. Especially rubies and amethyst. Your bracelet looks pretty cool. 🙂

    1. Hi Michelle, I’ve listed a few on this comment 🙂

      Agate: improves memory and concentration.
      Citrine: helps with depression.
      Dumortierite: reduces emotional tension, lift depression, and replace a scattered mind.
      Hematite: reduces stress and anxiety, Howlite reduce anger and stress.
      Jade: calms and helps with clarity.
      Jasper: helps with depression and negative thinking.
      Kyanite: helps with tranquility.
      Labradorite: reduces stress and anxiety.
      Lepidolite: is an emotional healer.
      Moonstone: soothes stress and anxiety.
      Pink Opal: heals emotions.
      Peridot: reduces anger.
      Prehnite: release stress.
      Rhodonite: stabilizes emotions and sort out scattered feelings.
      Sodalite: absorbs and neutralizes negative thoughts and emotions.
      Sugilite: reduces hostility and stress.
      Yellow Turquoise: improves peace and balances emotions

  13. I love gemstone jewelry, especially if it has my birthstone in it! I didn’t know some of these things.

  14. Wearing gemstones here in Asia not only gives a woman that beautiful look, but also serves as a good luck charms, or a status symbol. So it is likely common to see an Asian woman wearing a gemstones, according to their birthmonth 🙂 Mine is Torquoise 🙂

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