Ways To Keep Your Fur Baby Calm When You’re Not Home

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Whenever we go out my two-year-old fur baby Luna gets anxious. Basically, when she sees my husband and I put on our shoes or jackets she immediately looks depressed and runs into the crate to hide. I’ve tried a few little things to keep my fur baby calm like leaving a few toys out but she ignores them.What upsets us the most is when she gets herself so worked up that she throws up all over her dog bed.



keep Fur baby Calm, Snappy Snoozers, pet bed



Recently we found a few ways to keep Luna calm. First, before we leave the house we place Luna in a familiar safe place where she cannot get into trouble. Second, we leave her with a soft tv channel like HGTV or we put on relaxing meditating music, rain or ocean sounds. Third, we put her on the Snappy Snoozers dog bed because it keeps Luna relaxed. This inflatable mattress bed comes with 2 removable snuggly blankets that snap on and off into the mattress. Whenever she throws up we quickly remove the blanket and throw it in the wash. In addition, I’m able to wipe and disinfect the mattress down quickly. Snappy Snoozers firm bed is also perfect for senior dogs who suffer from joint pain and incontinence. It is also easy to throw in the back of my SUV when I’m traveling with one of my fur babies to the vet.



keep Fur baby Calm, Snappy Snoozers, pet bed

keep Fur baby Calm, Snappy Snoozers, pet bed


Ways To Keep Your Fur Baby Calm When You’re Not Home

Remove Temptation:

Place your fur baby in a secure area and remove anything that might be a temptation to them. A bored or nervous dog left unattended might get into lots of trouble when you are not home.


Comfortable Objects:

Leaving their favorite toy, blanket or piece of your clothing might help them feel less anxious. For instance, having that familiar scent will help comfort your dog because it will remind them of you.


Comfort Noise:

Leaving your tv to a calm channel or an iPod with soft meditating, rain or ocean sounds can sooth your dog and reduce anxiety.



keep Fur baby Calm, Snappy Snoozers, pet bed

keep Fur baby Calm, Snappy Snoozers, pet bed



46 thoughts on “Ways To Keep Your Fur Baby Calm When You’re Not Home

  1. Loving all of your tips. We don’t have a dog anymore, but when we did and we left him home we always made sure he had his favorite blanket and toys 🙂

  2. That’s awesome you’ve found a way to calm her when your headed out. This is a huge fear of mine when getting a pet. For the moment I work from home but that could change in the future and then the pet would be all alone and not have grown up that way.

  3. We have two furbabies inside. One is mellow and calm all the time, except when we come home. However, the other, our poodle is super anxious. We have tried everything for him, and sadly nothing does the trick. We even bought one of those expensive Thundershirts. 🙁 Hopefully your tips will help some doggies!

  4. Our two dogs “cry” when they think we have left them. It is really sad. Nothing seems to console them, they just stop on their own. We recorded it and learned about their sad behavior!

  5. How awesome is this, what a great idea to give your fur baby. My cat sadly would look at me like, “okay, who do you think you are? I go on the bed with you.” Not on that, hahaha. Yeah he is totally like that.

    1. LOL, there are many pets that like the owner’s bed but I don’t allow my dogs to get on mine because I have allergies and also I don’t allow anyone including my dogs on our bed.

  6. Yes I know whats its like to keep a dog busy while you are out. Keeping them busy is a good idea, as you don’t want them eating your furniture!!

  7. Great post I am a dog advocate and these are considerate ideas to keep your babies calm when you are gone. I love the idea of that mattress with washable blanket.

  8. This is a great post. Sometimes pets can have anxiety and you won’t even know it.

  9. I love my furr babies and hate when I have to leave them for too long. You are so right about leaving removing temptation. We finally bought one dog a kennel because she can get into everything. She only goes in there when we leave the house. Everyone has been much happier. She even chooses to go in there and sleep sometimes.

  10. My family doesn’t have a fur baby because we’re not sure how to take good care of it. But my kids really want one and this idea should be considered if ever we’ll get one!

  11. When I first adopted my rescue puppy she had horrible separation anxiety. I think it was because she was left by her previous owner. It took awhile but eventually I turned her crate into her safe space so she didn’t mind being in it when I left. I always gave her a treat or some toys and she eventually figured out I always come back.

  12. Being how 4th of July is coming up, I know my dog is going to be very upset with the fireworks. These are great ideas.

  13. OMG I need one of these for my cat! He would so lounge all over this, all he needs is a heated blanket. I love getting presents and accessories for my pets!

  14. awww bless her! It can be so stressful for them so these are some great tips so that everyone is a bit happier and more comfortable!

  15. Separation anxiety can be such a challenge, especially when you have a rescue fur baby. It does take some time and some patience to get them to feel safe and secure whenever you leave home.

  16. My husband and I will have to look into Snappy Snoozers. Both our dog and cat get so frantic when we aren’t home.

  17. My dog (also named Luna) is a bit of a spazz and could really benefit from these tricks! I have thought of getting her another dog but I’m not ready to take that plunge yet!

  18. Awwww, what a cute pup! And I love that you are sharing this. As a pet owner it does worry me when we leave and our little buddies are home alone. It’s nice to have things that will keep them comfortable and happy while you are away.

  19. These are some great suggestions! I use to have a dog that had this problem but my new dog doesn’t seem to mind! <3

  20. This bed looks awesome for dogs! Our Siberian Husky is usually too big for these types of beds but this one looks like it might be perfect for her.

  21. We don’t have any fur babies at the moment but I’ll be sure to forward your post to some of my friends who do. I think your tips will come in really handy for them 🙂

    Louise x

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