Quick & Easy To Use Fruit Salad Cutter Kit For Summer Gatherings


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Fresh fruit salad is the perfect summer side dish for picnics and gatherings. In fact, throwing together a quick artistic fresh fruit salad can be easy if you have the proper tools to use. Watermelon is one of my favorite fruits to add to my fruit salads because it’s loaded with nutrients like vitamins A and C, potassium and lycopene. Furthermore, it has little calories, it contains only 8% sugar and has 92% water to help keep us hydrated.


When making watermelon fruit salads I use the Watermelon Knife & Server Kit from Marshcone. This kit is specially designed to make any fruit or veggie dish stand out. Not to mention, it is stainless steel, made very well and affordable. Furthermore, watermelon is not the only thing this kit cuts. It also cuts and peels other fruits and vegetables like avocados.



fruit salad cutter kit, Watermelon Knife & Server Kit, Marshcone



The Fruit Salad Cutter Kit Comes With:

  • watermelon slicer
  • knife cutter and carving knife
  • corer peeler with baller avocado slicer
  • 4 small forks



fruit salad cutter kit, Watermelon Knife & Server Kit, Marshcone



Details & Price:

Regular kitchen knives cannot cut out artistic fruit salad bowls because it does not have the right angles. The ergonomic handle of the watermelon slicer of the Watermelon Knife & Server Kit makes the cutting process much easier!  Basically, it cuts every piece thoroughly and neatly. In addition, using a fruit salad kit will help you have more money in your pocket — The Watermelon Knife & Server Kit cost less than $11.00. Whereas, if you buy a fruit salad dish already made at the store it can cost a whopping $15.00, depending on the size of it.



fruit salad cutter kit, Watermelon Knife & Server Kit, Marshcone#Marshcone



18 thoughts on “Quick & Easy To Use Fruit Salad Cutter Kit For Summer Gatherings

  1. My husband was just talking about a tool like this last night. I’ll have to show him this one!

  2. This looks so handy and perfect for BBQ season to get the perfect fruit salad for guests!

  3. I have the corer and baller. I would love to have the watermelon slicer and the avocado slicer.

  4. That is such a great tool to make a great fruit salad for a party. I have always struggled with cutting watermelon so this is a welcome utensil in my house.

  5. My whole family loves fruit salad and we go through so much fruit in a week, it’s not even funny. This would definitely help cut down on my prep time when putting one together.

  6. I could use all of these tools in my kitchen. My family enjoys fruit and this would help me make it better!

  7. Ooh, I’ve been thinking of getting one of these types of kits for a while now. They look so good!

    Louise x

  8. This kit definitely makes it easy to make fruit salad. We would use it often to just cut fruit for my daughters!

  9. What a great little tool! As the weather has heated up I find myself snacking on so much fruit in our house! We typically purchase it already cut but this is a great way to do it ourselves.

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