February 14: Favorite Day Of The Year

February 14, lace, mesh & Valentine's day

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February 14 is my favorite day of the year because it’s Valentine’s day, the day we celebrate love and the day I married my soulmate. What exactly is a soulmate? The dictionary definition of a soulmate is “a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.” To me as spiritual believer, a soulmate is a deep everlasting love between two people who decide to stay together life time after life time (an eternity). Their connection is so powerful that when they first meet they feel like they met before and known each other forever. Before you find your soulmate you notice yourself feeling anxious. You start feeling a disconnection within yourself. Almost like something is missing because you’re yearning to find him or her or for them to find you. You noticed the first time you lay your eyes on them it feels like an explosion happening because the connection is so intense. Your mind doesn’t recognize him/her but your spirit does because your spirit never forgets. 

I remember the first time I met my soulmate. I just had broken up from a 2 1/2 year relationship with my high school sweetheart who I thought I was going to marry. He was my first love and I even felt the little butterflies when I was around him. But nothing compared to the way I felt when I first caught glimpse of my soulmate. After the break up with my high school sweetheart I felt down, lost, empty and confused not because of the breakup, but because I was craving for a love that was larger than the universe. My best friend and cousin were trying to cheer me up but nothing seemed to help. Until one magical winter night in March when my best friend and cousin convinced me to go to a night club that we always went to in up state New York. I remember the place being very crowded with a lot of good looking guys but I was feeling like I didn’t want to be there. Hoping no one would ask me to dance. Then it happen, as I looked far across the dance floor and saw him standing there with a group of friends. I saw the energy vibration around him and felt this immediate overpowering sensation which took my breathe away. Nothing happened that night because he didn’t see me and I was too afraid to go up to him. Weeks went by and I couldn’t get him out of my mind. My cousin went on a few dates with one of his friend. She then planned a double for us all to go on. I felt nervous because he never saw me before. But when we met for the first time and looked into each others eyes the chemistry was out of this world. We got engaged 9 months later and married with in 11 months. Everyone thought we weren’t going to make it because at the time I was 19 and he was 21. Today we are still happily married with 3 beautiful children.

Q: What about you, have you met your soulmate yet?

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  1. Your story is so adorable and beautiful ! I also met my soulmate and we’ve been married for five years now. I also had a major breakup but nothing beats the way I feel with my husband 🙂 Kisses and congratulations !

  2. Even though you had to go through the trial of breakup it was all meant if not you will had never met your Soulmate and had the most romantic story to share with us and your kids. You both enjoy your Valentine Anniversary day.

  3. That is such a beautiful story, about your soulmate and the fact that you got married and have 3 children! yes, when we look into someone’s eyes we just know it! There’s the soulmate! I am happy for you! Age doesn’t mean much, when love comes. One can be 19, 21 or even 50 or even 70. It happens when it has to! Sorry for my absence, I was on a road trip that lasted some weeks and I don’t use much internet then!

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