What Fathers Really Want On Father’s Day

Have you ever wondered what fathers really want on Father’s Day? Recently I have! Many of us assume dads want items like underwear, socks and ties. I’m sure many of them do, but there are many that hate those types of gifts! Basically what we really need to do is listen more and assume less. I will be the first one to admit I used to buy my husband things he wasn’t into. Don’t get me wrong I still get him the little things I swear in my mind he needs such as socks, underwear and undershirts. However, I also get him the item(s) he REALLY wants too!


For example: My husband is extremely athletic and loves wearing athletic gear. He basically is obsessed with Underarmour and Nike clothing, shoes, socks and hats. Last year my kids and I got him all Underarmour and Nike sneakers, tops, socks, boxers and baseball hat. His eyes lit up with excitement when he opened up his gifts. This year he has gotten a little bit more expensive. He asked for an SUV or truck, also a really good canopy to take with him to games so that he won’t burn or be uncomfortable underneath the hot sun. I got him his canopy and he is picking up his SUV on Saturday. Finally, as long as our special fathers receive their “must have items,” you will be able to squeeze in the other little items he really needs.

What Fathers Really Want On Father’s Day:

Small Gifts Ideas For Dad Under $50.00…

perry ellis, What Fathers Really Want On Father's Day: Gifts Under $50.00

Perry Ellis: Hanging Travel Bag $19.99 | White Oxnard Sneaker | 3 Pack Boxer Brief | Saturday Plaque Leather Belt | The Dual Color Sunglasses | 5pc Manicure Set


Leather Gifts under $50.00…

fossil, What Fathers Really Want On Father's Day: Gifts Under $50.00

Fossil: iPhone | Cup | Cell Phone Case | Wallet | Bracelet



This selection is perfect for fathers (like my husband) that are into hunting: Gifts Under $60.00.



Kirkland: Woodland Front Silhouette shadowbox | Natural Antler Table Lamp| Bronze Deer Head Plaque | Charcoal Deer Pillow

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  1. You found some really great gifts. I have no idea what my father really wants this year… I used to just always get him books, he loved to read, but he’s losing his eye sight now and it’s too hard for him which is a bummer. So I got him a custom pocket knife now, since he still works out on the farm.

  2. That hanging travel bag is so nice, it would be so convenient for my husband to take when we go on trips!

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