Choosing The Right Eye Care Provider And Eyeglasses

Choosing the right eye care provider and eyeglasses is an important health care decision. Recently, I knew I needed to see someone because I was having issues with my eye site and other conditions. The first thing I needed to do was figure out what type of medical healthcare professional I needed to see. After doing my research I realized I only needed to see an Optometrists not an Ophthalmologist.

An Optometrist is not a medical doctors like Ophthalmologists are. Optometrist are healthcare professionals who are licensed to provide primary vision care. An Ophthalmologist in the other hand, have more medical training and are licensed to practice medicine and surgery. I decided to see an Optometrist because I just needed a checkup and was experiencing dry eyes and blurry vision.


Optometrists- Eye Care:

  • examine vision,
  • detect certain eye abnormalities,
  • prescribe eyeglasses and/or contact lenses,
  •  provide low vision care,
  • vision therapy,
  • prescribe medications to treat certain eye conditions and disease



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Choosing The Right Eye Care Provider And Eyeglasses


In the past I used to be only farsighted but after my Optometrist perform a thorough eye exam she concluded I’m now both, farsighted and nearsighted. When choosing the right pair of eyeglasses I tend to go with what looks better with my complexion, color of frame, shape of my face, style and lifestyle. Because I don’t like bifocals, I decided to go with two pair of eyeglasses. One for reading and the computer. My second pair for driving, watching my son’s baseball games and watching tv.


After my exam was over my Optometrist directly me over to the Optician.  An Optician is a healthcare provider who is trained to read eye prescriptions, fit, sell eyeglasses and other eyewear. I didn’t need new frames because I had the one from the year prior and a pair of new SPEKTRUM PROSPEK eyeglasses.


Once the Optician saw my SPEKTRUM PROSPEK eyeglasses she was impressed with the lenses. SPEKTRUM PROSPEK lenses have several coatings to provide maximum protection for your eyes while on the computer and viewing your mobile device. The pair that I have is the PROSPEK Dynamic eyeglasses. I decided to use these bold, trendy eyeglasses for distance. They are extremely comfortable and matches with a lot of my outfits. The Dynamic eyeglasses allow brilliant color and clarity while maximizing blue light blocking.



eye care, eyeglasses, Elite Clips, Dynamic, SPEKTRUM, PROSPEK

eye care, eyeglasses, Elite Clips, Dynamic, SPEKTRUM, PROSPEK



In addition, to those glasses, I decided to order a pair of SPEKTRUM PROSPEK Elite Clips. The Elite Clip has a coating that provides maximum protection for my eyes, while I’m on my computer, phone and mobile devices. They clip on easy to any eyeglass frame. Also, they are lightweight polycarbonate plastic, durable and flexible.


eye care, eyeglasses, Elite Clips, Dynamic, SPEKTRUM, PROSPEK


Finally, I am super impressed how well my eyes feel now that I have the proper prescription and lenses. I don’t feel my eyes dry, I see clearer, and I don’t feel strain on my eyes.




24 thoughts on “Choosing The Right Eye Care Provider And Eyeglasses

  1. Shopping for glasses can be so difficult! I usually get my glasses directly from my optometrist’s office because I trust him, and there’s never any hassle with my benefits there.

  2. Thankfully so far I am not having to wear any but I know it will be coming one day. Thank you for sharing these tips and helping me figure out what to look for!

  3. I have learned the difference in the types of eye doctors since my oldest son has some vision issues and has had to see an ophthalmologist since he was only a month old. I also learned the difference with regards to insurance that an optometrist is vision insurance and the ophthalmologists are all covered under their medical insurance.

  4. It’s important to know which type of eye professional you need to see in order to get the proper care for your eyes. I like the glasses you chose, they are quite trendy and look great.

  5. Heard alot about this brand. However, I havent had eye troubles till now.. I guess will ask husband to checkout

  6. I’ve been wearing glasses and contacts since I was 10, so I know how important eye care is for us. Your new glasses look so stylish!

  7. These are great tips and such important things to consider. I really need some sunglasses with my prescription. It would be so helpful!


  8. I didn’t realise the difference between optometrist and ophthalmologist. Great advice. I really need to make an appointment to get my eyes checked.

  9. As someone who can’t live without her glasses this is definitely worth checkingout.. NEver heard of the Elite Clips-type technology but it’s definitely something I need because my eyes get easily strained… Nice frames!

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