Exercise Gear In Order To Stay Safe In The Dark

»Disclosure: I received these products mentioned below for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  

Many of us don’t have the time to exercise during the light hours. Now-a-days people travel long distance to work, forcing them to wake up in the wee hours in the morning and coming home late at night. For this reason, many of them are force to squeeze in their exercise routine before they go to work or after they arrive home. During these hours is when it is most dangerous to exercise outdoors because it’s barely light out and they have to be more aware of danger situation around them. Because of this, it is imperative to follow safety rules and wear exercise gear to keep them safe!


4id, Exercise Gear that lights up at night
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Tips To Stay Safe: 

  • use exercise gear that lights up
  • use light/bright reflective clothing
  • carry your cell phone
  • bring your dog along if you’re walking
  • have an exercise partner
  • carry pepper spay
  • move against the flow of traffic, so you are aware of oncoming traffic
  • don’t wear headphones so that you can hear if anyone is following you or a car is coming towards you
  • be alert at all times


Stay Safe, Stay Seen, Stay Motivated With 4id Exercise Gear:

4id is a company that seeks to advance the safety and comfort of everyday active people. Whether they’re weekend warriors or full-time athletes. 4id’s mission is to keep them safe while they achieve their goals. They offer a range of sports identification and safety products to keep everyone safe and confident while exercising. Furthermore, you can also use 4id to track down those awesome Pokemon characters with the app PokemonGo that has become so popular around the world. Currently 4id has a promotion going on until August 13, 2016. You will get 50% off any of their products at checkout with coupon code: PokemonGo. In addition, 4id and I are hosting a giveaway, read details below.

4id, Exercise Gear that lights up at night

4id Products I tested Out: Durable enough to withstand inclement weather while keeping you safe‹

  • PowerStepz is a LED light that response to your movement. It basically lights up with every step you take. You simply insert it on your laces.
  • PowerArmz is a lightweight, adjustable LED light armband. It has two available settings pulse and continuous. With the pulse setting the device will stay lit and with the continuous setting the device will blink continuously.
  • PowerSpurz – is a lightweight, LED light up Heel. This exercise gear slides conveniently on to the back of your shoe and glows. Just like the PowerArmz, this device also has the pulse and continuous settings.


I use the PowerSpurz to walk my 4 dogs. Rocco (in the video) seems to like it because he is able to see where he is going when I don’t use the flash light outside. Also, I am able to see him better.



Finally, as I stated earlier, 4id and I are hosting a giveaway here on my blog. The winner will receive all the products above (the PowerArmz| PowerSpurz| PowerStepz). The rules are listed below in order to be eligible for this prize.

  1. Follow them on Twitter @4id_gear
  2. Visit their Facebook page
  3. Subscribe to 4id’s newsletter


Good luck everyone! And stay safe while exercising and tracking down those Pokemon characters  😉

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30 thoughts on “Exercise Gear In Order To Stay Safe In The Dark

  1. There are times wherein I go jogging at night instead of in the morning, the weather is much more bearable and it’s easier because there’s less traffic. I think it’s important to invest in a gear that will keep you safe!

  2. I always wanted to jog at night with my hubby because it is our only free time. Good to know that there is a gear like this that we can use.

  3. The most I’ve done in the dark (in terms of working out) is a few mountain bike rides on city streets. I probably should have worn reflective gear when doing it. I like the clip-on lights.

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