Keep Our Environment Healthy & Communities With Walmart

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The push for people to do more for our communities and keep our environment healthy has continued to grow over the years.The reason for this is because we are now aware of the mistakes that have caused animals to go extinct, an increase in chronic illnesses and destruction in our surroundings. Thankfully, businesses have joined the fight to make it easier for us to be more environmentally friendly.


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We Can All Come Together to Make a Difference

A major way to do this is to join with our communities and businesses to find ways to work together. I tend to do this by volunteering for a clean-up initiative in Pennsylvania. It is an annual statewide event that helps beautify Pennsylvania. Thousands of Pennsylvanians come together to help clean trash from our parks, waterways and any place within our towns and cities to help Pennsyvlania’s environment.

Goodness always tastes better whenever I’m doing great things to help keep my community and planet healthy…

It is why I also support eco-conscious companies that make a difference in our communities. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters® is one of those companies. Their coffee helps me stay alert and warm while I clean the roads in my community. My husband and I love their high quality beans which is why the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters coffee taste so fresh and delicious. In addition, Green Mountain has globally provided funding to World Coffee Research. This helps against negative effects of climate change and uplifts farmers in getting higher quality of life.

Some of the things Green Mountain Coffee Roasters has done for the community:

✔︎grow trees- This provides shade to farmers. It also help farmer’s productivity and increases their income.
✔︎provide clean and save water- Through Blue Harvest program, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters helps train farmers in water-smart agricultural practices, restored watersheds and water systems.


Environment Healthy, Green Mountain Coffee, Green Mountain Coffee K Cups, Walmart


Walmart is another brand that I support because it does good for the community and environment. Walmart has a large selection of reusable bags that I use daily to carry my belongings and use for shopping. Their reusable bags are really affordable for everyone to have. For instance, Walmart’s reusable blue bags cost only 50 cents. However, I also have a few of their trendy reusable insulated bags because they keep my food cold or warm. Another thing I love about Walmart are their affordable prices like this Single Serve Coffee Maker that I just purchased. With it I can quickly make my cup of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Caramel Vanilla Cream K-Cup® coffee at home in the morning. Right after, my husband makes a cup of his favorite Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Nantucket Blend K-Cup® pods coffee. We both like the convenience of taking a few K-Cup® pods to work or places where they might have a single serve coffee machine.

Some of the things Walmart has done for the community:

✔︎Walmart provides local giving which includes veterans and military families.
✔︎has access to healthier foods.
✔︎provide disaster relief


Environment Healthy, Green Mountain Coffee, Green Mountain Coffee K Cups, Walmart


Doing Little Simple Things Can Make a Huge Difference

Some people who might have some interest in going green don’t realize that certain little things they can do will make a big difference. For instance, in my household, we donate clothes, accessories and furniture to charity. This reduces waste and helps people who are in need in my community. Another way is to increase awareness is to give family and friends tips on things they can do to make a difference. For example, remind them that a great way to help prevent littering is by picking up trash that others have left behind.


Environment Healthy, Green Mountain Coffee, Green Mountain Coffee K Cups, Walmart


11 Measures We Can Do To Help Keep Our Environment Healthy For Everyone:

  • Bring a few reusable bags wherever you go out. This will reduce the urge of using plastic bags when purchasing items.
  • Don’t purchase too many things you don’t need. This leads to more waste.
  • Donate things you don’t use anymore to charity. Clothing, (among other things) that sits in landfill releases toxic greenhouse gases.
  • Turn lights off when you leave the room. This help save energy, reduce carbon emission and other harmful greenhouse gases.
  • Reuse containers to create supply holder. This reduces waste disposal and handling costs.
  • Purchase energy efficient products. This helps prevent climate change and promote clean air.
  • Limit the amount of water you use. Turn of the water when brushing your teeth, take baths instead of showers.
  • Invest in reusable water bottles. It uses fewer resources, emits less harmful gas, and protects water resources and water life.
  • Shop in bulk. This reduces the amount of trips to the store and eliminates the amount of packaging you’re using.
  • Have separate containers for your waste. This helps the waste to go to the right location.
  • Plant trees. Trees give us oxygen, cleans the air, provides us food and shade, among other great things.

Environment Healthy, Green Mountain Coffee, Green Mountain Coffee K Cups, Walmart


Helping to keep our environment healthy is a growing and learning process that we can all do together. The best thing you can do for the planet is to educate yourself and others about all of the different things we can do to make a difference. The first thing we can do is to figure out the bad things we do that harm our communities and earth. Afterwards, together, find simple solutions to fix them.

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  1. I love this! I always want to make our environment a safe place and take care of it. I’m glad Walmart is doing this.

  2. I like your list of 11 things to help the environment. You have helped give me good ideas of things that I was not already doing.

  3. I really love Walmart! This is such a great blog to spread awareness for all individuals. I’m going to check this out.

  4. Great list and we do most of those to help the environment. Also, it’s good to know what Walmart is doing to help the community. Kudos to them.

  5. One of my passions is taking care of our planet. I wasn’t aware of Walmart’s policy so now I want to be involved.

  6. Walmart is my go-to. I’m there half the week at least! lol It’s a great place to get my coffee and yes, I love what they do for community.

  7. I have already done a few of the things on your list. I’m guilty of using reusable bags when I go to Aldi only. But we recycle the plastic bags and use them to pick up dog waste in the yard.

  8. I love Green Mountain Coffee! It is my favorite brand and oh so great that it is environmentally healthy too! Love those reusable bags! Way to go Walmart!

  9. What a great initiative. I haven’t tried this coffee yet but I’m more inclined to do so now. Thanks for sharing

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