Dog Skin Conditions That Are Brutal

Dog skin conditions can be brutal to our fur babies. For instance, watching or hearing our loving pooch constantly scratch or lick their skin can be worrisome. There are many reasons that cause pets skin to be irritated. But, for most reasons, these underlying skin issues are quickly treatable. There are a few possible causes that range from your pets from having a chronic illness, allergies or parasites.



Dog Skin Conditions That Are Brutal


Dogs can have skin reactions to so many things. This can include grooming products, detergent you may use to wash their clothes or beds, food, insects, environmental allergies, such as pollen and illness. Some dogs may scratch relentlessly because of their skin irritation. The best effective thing to do is identify what’s causing the skin irritation to treat their skin conditions.


Dog skin conditions


My dog Rocco suffers skin issues. When the weather changes he immediately starts scratching his ears and skin. His skin gets really irritated, starts smelling and it becomes infected if we don’t quickly treat it. Whenever his skin allergies acts up we turn to Ranch Remedy Topical First Aid skin solution. It’s a natural plant-based cleansing antibacterial and anti-fungal compound for animals. It really works well on Rocco. It immediately stops the itching, irritation and heels his skin condition.

What Ranch Remedy treat...

Ranch Remedy is made in the USA and has been on the market for many years. What I really liked about Ranch Remedy dog skin solution is it’s natural, quickly relieves the hot spots on Rocco’s skin and it is affordable. I used to spend double the money on other natural pricey products at the pet shop. I also like that I can safely use this product on many other skin conditions such as,

  • insect bites and stings
  • minor cuts, scrapes, burns, rashes
  • eliminating warts
  • reduces pain
  • fungal infections
  • ATOPY, Atopic Dermatitis
  • dry Skin
  • mange
  • ringworms, fleas, ear mites
  • tough on odor and dander
  • post-surgery wounds

You can also use Ranch Remedy on…

  • cats
  • horses
  • cattle
  • pigs/swine


Dog Skin Conditions


I’m glad Rocco skin condition is finally under control. Ranch Remedy keeps Rocco’s skin and fur looking healthy, soft and smelling good.

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  1. Rocco is so cute ❤️ Glad you found this great product for your fur baby! I don’t have a pet but my sister has a cat. I’ll ask her to check this out! 🙂

  2. Awww…Poor little Rocco. He looks like such a sweetheart {sending cyber hugs to him}. I know some breeds of dogs are more susceptible to skin conditions. My SIL has a French bull dog that has issues. I’ll let her know about Ranch Remedy.

  3. Oh the poor fur babies! Rocco looks adorable. It’s great to learn about Ranch Remedy, I’ll forward this post to my friend for her dog.

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