How To Start An  Interior Decorating Project With Confidence


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Interior decorating is not easy especially for people like me who do not feel confident matching the right pieces together. In fact, the thought of selecting the wrong pieces of home decor always scared me to pieces. My fears come from trying to make sure everyone in the household is pleased and comfortable with the colors I selected.


If you plan to decorate a room in your house select pieces you truly love and are going to use. Stay away from items you are not too fond of but decided to purchase it because it was on clearance. Most likely you will regret later and end up spending more. Instead, grab fewer pieces that might be pricier but that you can finance or rent with option to buy from a place like Hmazing Artworks. This place has tons of exquisite reproduce paintings from artist like Claude Monet, Van Gogh and Edgar Degas, crafted by real artists. They offer a flexible rental program starting as low as $7.99 a month with a max of 30 months. Also, they provide free shipping and they give you the option to trade it.


How To Start An Interior Decorating Project With Confidence

  • select colors you will feel comfortable with.
  • don’t purchase a decor item because it was on clearance. Instead, purchase it because you loved it and it fits with the theme you are looking for.
  • make sure the undertones and textures work harmoniously.
  • declutter the area, less is more.
  • make sure the style of the project is consistent.
  • select statement pieces that stand out.






I recently decided to redo the top area of my fireplace in my living room. At first, I couldn’t figure out exactly what would like nice above my fireplace because I have cathedral ceilings and long walls. One thing I did know was that I needed a piece of painting that was large enough to cover most of the wall area above my fireplace. I found that the oversized Boats At The Bridge In Argenteuil by Claude Monet painting from Hmazing fit perfectly with my theme. I fell in love with the spectacular landscape background, sailing boats and beautiful bridge. Basically, this painting relaxes me and makes me feel like I’m on vacation.



Interior Decorating, Hmazing ArtworksBoats At The Bridge In Argenteuil, Claude Monet, Landscape & Scenes


Interior Decorating, Hmazing Artworks





21 thoughts on “How To Start An  Interior Decorating Project With Confidence

  1. I love how clean your redesign looks! Very sleek! And that painting is really a beautiful touch to your room!

  2. I love decoratign our home … or to say the least redecorating as often. It changes the mood and gives everything a fresh new vibe.

  3. I love the decluttered look of your new fireplace, I’m always looking for new things for my flat and the best ways to utilize space etc x

  4. I never knew there was a rental program for reproduced famous artworks. At 7.99 a month, it doesn’t sound too bad. Will have to look into it if I ever want to re-decorate my living room.

  5. We are in the middle of a massive remodel for our house and it definitely takes some confidence when you are making big changes and doing things yourself!

  6. I have several things that I want to redo in our home. I’ve lived here for 20 years, and some things haven’t been repainted or just redecorated in 15 years! I love the painting you went with above the mantle.

  7. I love decorating OTHER people’s homes. It is my own that I cannot seem to manage. I often change my mind and feel like every one else’s home conveys what I am trying to do!

  8. Such great tips. Planning ahead and putting some thought into your project can really help you achieve your desired look.

  9. This was a very valuable post for DIYers like myself and my husband. I especially like the declutter idea and don’t buy a piece just because it is on sale.

  10. I’ve always done my own interiors so I am used to the work. But when I first began, I have to agree that it can be quite intimidating. These are very good tips!

  11. I know nothing about interior decorating so I am always very impressed by those who can! Your before and after looks great!

  12. I love the before and after. I get paralized making a decision as well. It is so hard to know what fabric goes together or how to group things together if decorating doesn’t come naturally.

  13. I once wanted to be an interior decorator. I thought it would be so much fun. I love the idea of decorating my house, I just kind of fall flat when it comes to actually doing it because of budget constraints. I didn’t know you could rent art, very cool!

  14. This is so great! I love the before and after. I wish I was trendy or able to decorate, I am just not great at it myself!

  15. Great tips! I wish we had a mantel in our home. In Arizona we don’t have temperatures cool enough to ever warrant a fire place but that mantel would definitely be nice!

  16. I absolutely agree with the part about not buying items unless you absolutely love it. My husband and I got married young so we often went with whatever we liked at the moment, not really thinking about how it all would go together. Now that I’m older and paying more attention to details, I wish I had waited to shop around and purchase items I REALLY loved. I liked how you updated your space… I love the candles!

  17. Love the simple understated elegance of the new look. Making places beautiful doesn’t need to be flashy or ground breakingly different. Love the painting.

  18. Omg so many great tips here!!!! Redecorating always sounds super fun at first, but it usually ends up challenging. I will have to keep all of this in mind

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