Irresistible Multipurpose Diaper Bag For New Parents

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When I had my kids I couldn’t find a hip diaper bag even if I tried. The ones they had were very cheaply made with a lot of crazy prints and colors. Luckily, parents today have more stylish options to choose from. Recently I got this irresistible diaper bag from Anuant which I plan to give to my sister who just gave birth yesterday. This diaper backpack allows parents to hold and run after little ones without worrying about their bag falling off their shoulder. It comes in light and dark blue. I decided to go with the dark blue because it looks more sleek and masculine for my brother-in-law to carrying around. This bag doesn’t appear like a diaper bag and can be used as a personal backpack too.


There are a few ways to carry the bag. You can wear it as a backpack, a crossbody and over the shoulder. The straps are long, adjustable and removable. It even has really thick comfy padding on the straps. If it gets dirty it is easy to wipe off because it is nylon and waterproof. I feel confident this bag will last her a long time because it feels very durable.


There is no way she will run out of room with this bag because it has large, deep spacious pockets inside of it to fit all the baby items. For instance, it has 7 pockets on the outside of the bag. 4 in the front, 2 in the sides and a huge one on the back. Also, it has a neat bottle holder in the middle of the left side of the diaper bag. The shoulder padding will protect my sister’s shoulder when the bag is full and heavy.



Irresistible Multipurpose Diaper Bag For New Parents


3 different ways to carry it: backpack, crossbody and over the shoulder…


The metalized polyester fabric will keep the baby bottles at a good temperature…

Anuant, diaper bag, backpack,


It has 7 pockets on the outside of the diaper bag…

Anuant, diaper bag, backpack, Anuant, diaper bag, backpack,


The large, deep spacious pockets in the inside fit anything you need for the little ones…

Anuant, diaper bag, backpack, Anuant, diaper bag, backpack, Anuant, diaper bag, backpack,


The shoulder padding will protect your shoulder when carrying a lot of items…

Anuant, diaper bag, backpack,


It comes with removable straps and diaper pad…

Anuant, diaper bag, backpack, Anuant, diaper bag, backpack,




76 thoughts on “Irresistible Multipurpose Diaper Bag For New Parents

  1. All those pockets are an awesome idea. I know I’m forever losing things in my handbag so can’t imagine having to try and stuff everything in a diaper bag and find everything when I need it. The pockets would come in handy every time!

  2. I am not a parent nor I have a baby but love bags and this one is so cool. I want one =) Love that has many compartments and looks like good quality =)

  3. This bag is so good, even for a person without kids, like me. It would be very helpful during trips too! Hope you have a beautiful week!

  4. This is just a nice size, I love all the compartment. We usually just take one of the Witches backpacks with us when we go out!! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Love all the ways you can organize your bag. Because when you have a screaming baby, you don’t have time to dig around.

  6. This looks fab – thanks for sharing. I love that it’s wipeable, easily slung over your shoulder and has so many pockets! What is it with those bags that have no pockets?

  7. Ohhh, so many pockets! I love having a bag that will keep things separate, like pacifiers, my keys, money, toys, bibs, etc. It’s just easier to have it all separate and organized!

  8. How cute!! My grandson just turned two so he’s about out of that stage but this is certainly good to know. Who doesn’t like pockets and storage? Having a diaper bag in the form of a back pack is genius.

  9. That bag has everything you need and looks good. I love all the pockets and bagpack style option. I will tell my sisters who have little kids about this.

  10. What a great looking bag! I love that it doesn’t look like a babyish diaper bag but it’s so practical and roomy!

  11. I love anything with loads of pockets. I agree that the diaper bag options are far more advanced now. I like your transformation.

  12. That is such a great diaper bag and a good one is EVERYTHING when you have a baby! I love all the pockets on this one.

  13. I love this diaper bag! I have a toddler so a good diaper bag is a must! I really love all of the space in this one!!

  14. It looks so reliable. So many storage compartments for everything that you’re going to need! I think this is perfect for new parents especially since they’re extra careful and would like to bring everything they need.

  15. Cute bag! I love how it doesn’t actually look like it would be carrying a bunch of diapers!

  16. This looks like a great diaper bag. It’s so great you get to give it to your sister who I’m sure will make great use of it.

  17. Oh how cute this bag is. I love all baby items even though my children adults. I spoil my great niece with lots of goodies !!

  18. I had several bags when mine were babies and each had a few great qualities but were never quite right. Love this one.

  19. When my kids were babies, I only wanted the ‘cute ‘ bags which of course didn’t last long. By my third child, I definitely went for the durable bag. Wish this was available during my ‘baby’ time.

  20. Love this bag with so many pockets to put little baby things in there. It’s a good think parents have so many choices today and they’re not forced to buy whatever they find if they don’t like that much.

  21. There’s so much more choice now in regards to diaper bags and products you can buy x

  22. WHen I had babies I looked everywhere for a bag like this! It’s perfect to hold everything a mom of a baby needs!

  23. I remember my struggle with diaper bags when I first had a child. These days I no longer have to worry about it. I think it’s awesome that here’s a bag like this though! So efficient!

  24. What a pretty diaper bag, especially since it looks like a regular bag which makes it more discreet. I like the colour and the storage space available too x

  25. This looks like a really nice bag! I could see it being perfect for theme park trips with the kids for sure!

  26. Wow this diaper bag is so nice! I know what I will be getting for next baby shower 🙂

  27. What a great diaper bag for new moms! This should be on everyone’s new baby registry for baby shower gifts!

  28. Now that I am a mom of a four year old having a bag that I can use that describes my style a bit definitely helps. Like a back bag diaper bag instead of those chunky totes.

  29. ooo this looks really good! We are in the market for a new baby bag too and something with plenty of compartments is perfect for us!

  30. This looks like a great bag! Would be perfect for my husband when we go out, or he is just out and about himself with the baby! – Jeanine

  31. This is a great bag for anyone with a baby and the design seems well thought out. Congrats on becoming an auntie!

  32. Omg just love the diaper bag!!! I swear bags are way cuter these days than when my daughter was itty bitty!!

  33. I love this! I thought I would end up getting rid of my diaper bag as my kids got older, but nope! If anything I need it more no! This would be perfect!

  34. I love that diaper bags can double up as a handbag too. They do so many fun designs lately!

  35. I gave up and started using a backpack! I felt like I never had enough room. I’m glad you found something that works for you.

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