Comfortable While Traveling With Family

»Disclosure: I received these products mentioned below for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. 

Today was my son’s last day of school. This weekend he will have his first day of travel ball in New York. I like being comfortable while traveling with  family. Because of this I started preparing myself by grabby items that will help my family and I feel more comfortable while we travel around. We recently purchased a canopy tent to alleviate some of the discomfort of being under the sun all day. We also decided to get roomier chairs to sit on because his weekend games and tournaments last all day.

My son started playing baseball at the age of 6 which brings tears to my eyes because it feels like I blinked and he turned 14. I try to find every second to appreciate and enjoy the little time he has left with us. When he was young he was a picky eater, still is but now demands more food, snacks and drinks to keep him hydrated and comfortable. I was lucky enough to partner with Leopard Outdoor Products who allow me to test out their 3 piece set, Leopard Outdoor Combo Cooler Bag in return for an honest review When I first saw their cooler set on Amazon, I seriously didn’t think too much of it because I have tried so many coolers in the past that disappointed me but they proved me wrong!



Comfortable While Traveling, With Family, travel baseball
My son RJ at 10 years old and now 14


Comfortable While Traveling With Family

A few years ago I decided to stop using the polyester  coolers because of their annoying leaking problem once I added ice to them. What I love about this 3 piece Leopard Outdoor Combo Cooler Bag is it has a hard plastic container liner and it has many compartments to store snacks, sunglasses, keys and more!


Rating: (A,B,C,D,F)

  • A+ Durability: extremely pleased with how durable the zipper, compartments, fabric, straps, hard plastic container and compartments are all made well.
  • A+  Design: designed with vibrant blue and neon yellow. The pockets are made deep and roomy. Some of the compartments are designed with see through netting, velcro closing, and zipper. I really like the adjustable straps, the extra straps on the top and side of the coolers. I also really like the padding added for comfort while carrying it. The removable hard plastic container makes it easy to clean out the cooler with ease and will prevent leakage from happening.
  • A+ Size: (S): 9.85″L x 7″W x 8.25″H;16can (M):11.25″L x 8.5″W x 10.625″H;30can (L):14.5″L x 9.875″W x 11″H. I couldn’t believe how roomy all 3 coolers were compared to other ones that I’ve owned in the past. My husband is so pleased with these coolers, he put away our other ones in storage.
  • A+ Other Benefits: the lining resists odor, mold and mildew which is a major plus on my book. Because of the hard lining your food won’t get crushed.




Comfortable While Traveling, With Family, travel baseball

Comfortable While Traveling, With Family, travel baseball

Comfortable While Traveling, With Family, travel baseball

Comfortable While Traveling, With Family, travel baseball

Comfortable While Traveling, With Family, travel baseball

23 thoughts on “Comfortable While Traveling With Family

  1. These are a must have in my family because of the removable liner. They will make my life so much easiler.

  2. So cute to see both pictures when he was younger until now, Although, he looks older than 14. Two of my kids play soccer. These coolers would be perfect to take to the games.

  3. Those are certainly some awesome coolers bags you’ve got there, dear! Oh wow, your son is 14! I’ve just posted an article on my son’s recent enlistment into the army. He’s 21 😀

  4. Oh nice! I think the hard liners are a great feature, especially for transporting them in the car when everything gets stacked on top of everything else.

  5. Looks like a great set! Now that it’s lixnic season, I love having a variety of coolers because it allows me to stsy out all day with my 3 little ones! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I need this the small one works for me to take along to my beach house. Like the video detail and it shows the insert container how convenient to maintain clean and love how so much fits in it. So worth purchasing it. Your son looks like a senior wow years do fly and as long as you cherish the moment you could always embrace it and look back at it.

    1. Thank you Jackie for the advice xo He does look older because he is 6’2. And you’re right these would be perfect to take to you to your beach house and they are so easy to clean for sure! 😀

  7. Very impressive! I can used these for many places I travel to and softball with my 11 year old daughter.

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