Coldest States In America

Sponsored: Winter is the coldest season of the year in certain parts of the United States. It is caused by the axis of the Earth in that hemisphere being oriented away from the Sun. Some of the coldest states in America are Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin. On December 22, 2015, winter arrived with weather averaging at 62° in New York state. In the last few days, the weather has been averaging as low as 27°. Now that the weather has gotten colder, gives us an excuse to shop for fantastic winter attire. One of my favorite places to shop online is Banggood, where the prices are affordable and they have a large selection of my favorite fashion-foward pieces to wear for winter season and any other season as well. Some of my favorite winter clothes to wear are oversized sweaters, turtlenecks, booties, hats, long coats, gloves and scarves. These items not only will keep me warm, they will make any person look fabulous!


Coldest States In America-Questions:

Q: What are your favorite items to wear during winter months?

Q: What type bottoms do you prefer to wear with your sweaters?

Q: Do you prefer wearing long or short sweaters?

Q: What type of fabric do you prefer to wear?

Q: Is there a certain color sweater you prefer to wear?

Q: How many sweaters do you own?

Q: Do you prefer wearing thick or thin sweaters?

Q: Do you prefer wearing an undershirt underneath your sweaters?

Q: Do you prefer wearing plain sweaters or sweater with details on them?

Q: Do you like wearing dress that look like sweaters?

Q: Where do you usually purchase your sweaters?



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  1. You really added some really awesome items on your wish list Glenda. The vintage red boots are what I am eyeing at the moment.

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