Climate Change: What Are The Steps To Save Our Planet

Climate change refers to any long-term change in Earth’s climate. Scientists have concluded Earth’s climate has gotten warmer. What they have discovered is that Earth’s average temperature has risen a little more than one degree Fahrenheit during the past 100 years or so. Today we are showing impacts of global warming. Some of these impacts are sea levels rising, snow and ice decreasing, rainfall patterns and growing seasons are changing.


Climate Change: What Are The Steps To Save Our Planet


There are a few reasons to climate change. One being natural causes and the other being human causes. Some of the natural causes that we have no control of are changes to earth’s orbit, changes in the ocean and the volcano eruptions.


 Natural Causes To Global Warming:

  • changes in earth’s orbit and in the amount of energy coming from the sun
  • ocean are changing because they are becoming warmer, more acidic, causing ice caps to melt and sea levels rise
  • volcanic eruptions


Climate Change: What Are The Steps To Save Our Planet



Most scientists claim that recent global warming can’t be explained by nature alone. They believe the other cause to climate change is by humans burning fuels such as coal, oil and gas burning. Burning fuels gives us energy but adds heat-trapping greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere. Other causes are deforestation, industrial processes, and some agricultural practices. The buildup of greenhouse gases harm our health and the ecosystems.


Human Causes To Global Warming:

  • burning oil
  • burning gas
  • burning coal
  • deforestation
  • industrial processes
  • some agricultural


Climate Change: What Are The Steps To Save Our Planet



Because of our climate has become warmer we have been experiencing stronger storms, floods, droughts and hotter heat waves.


Impact Of Global Warming:

  • sea levels rising
  • snow and ice decreasing
  • rainfall patterns changing
  • growing seasons are changing
  • affecting human, insects, animals health


Climate Change: What Are The Steps To Save Our Planet



Climate Change: What Are The Steps To Save Our Planet


There are many ways we can help save our planet for our children, grandchildren and many generations after. Some of these things are as simple as not allowing the water to run and using less energy.


Steps To Help Save Our Planet:

  • limit or reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere
  • use more clean energy
  • use less water (don’t let the water run)
  • use less energy (turn off tv, lights, radio, etc when you are not using them)
  • cut less tree
  • plant more trees (trees absorb carbon dioxide)


Climate Change: What Are The Steps To Save Our Planet




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  1. This is such a great overview of climate change in a nutshell! Hopefully, the human race will get their act together to make an impact on reducing carbon emissions and activities that hurt our climate. I feel like the weather is just getting more and more intense each year all around the world!

  2. It’s amazing how something as subtle as one temperature degree can impact the entire planet in such a way. We definitely need to be more careful as people. You never know what two degrees will do?

  3. I was in New Orleans two years after Katrina! It was devastating to see! It was an eye opener and the need to make people aware of climate change and how we can help save our planet became our priority in schools.

  4. We seriously have to raise more awareness about the effects of climate change and what we can do to save our home, Earth. This post is eye opening and I’m glad you’re doing the best you can to spread the word.

  5. Yes, we should all be very concerned with global warming, but some people simply don’t care. I try to tell people some things that can help, but the majority till now laughed at me. Hopefully, people will wake up before it is gets worse. Amazing post!

    1. I agree that some people just don’t care about it. Especially those who have taken Earth Science in college should now better. I guess some people rather live in the moment and don’t care about our children’s future.

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