Give Your Bra Strap A Little Statement

We all have had tops or dresses that are hard to hide away the “not so attractive bra straps.” It isn’t a problem for women with perky breast because they could go braless. But for the rest of us women who have larger breast or have had children need that extra support. Instead of showing the “not so attractive bra straps,” there is a new solution to give your bra strap a little statement with metal or rhinestone jewelry chain straps from a brand called Jewel Straps. This awesome company wants every women to know that their jewelry straps are the answer to the strapless bra disappointment and a good reason to embrace your sense of style by showing off your bra straps. Jewel Straps will give a dull boring plain top or dress a more fabulous look with their Multi-Color Rhinestones strap collection. It also gives a formal dress or plain bridal gown a more exquisite look with their Luxury Straps Collection.


Jewel Strap Bra Strap Collections:

  •  silver or black metal collection
  • single, double or four strand rhinestone chain collection
  • multi-color single or multi-strand rhinestone chain collection
  • full design chain collection
  • luxury chain collection
  • pink bow chain collection


Give Your Bra Strap A Little Statement, Jewel Straps

Why Own A Bra Strap?

Because they are easy to attach to your strapless or convertible bras… They come with an adjustable chain so that you will be able to tighten the strap to fit your desired size… You have the choice to get your Jewel Strap customize to match a specific outfit, your favorite team sport, or whatever you desire… Jewel straps basically adds glamour to any strapless or off the shoulder tops of your choice!


My Review: 

I’m very please with the Rolo Silver Metal Chain Jewel Strap that I received to test out. The adjustable jewelry chain strap is long enough to fit any body type. I was able to strap it to my strapless bra within seconds and it was easy to adjust to my size. I love that now I have some support with my strapless bras. I Absolutely love the way it makes my tops pop out and can’t wait to use it with more of my tops and dresses.

Give Your Bra Strap A Little Statement, Jewel Straps

Give Your Bra Strap A Little Statement, Jewel Straps

32 thoughts on “Give Your Bra Strap A Little Statement

  1. I’m very much in the camp of. When your outfit require no bra straps showing then a strapless bra will be worn. However I can see the appeal of these. The chain is quite simple and delicate which could work with some tops.

  2. Oooo, I really love this! I’m going to check if they ship to Canada.


  3. Oh my God! Whoever thought of this is a genius! It looks so classy. No one would ever suspect it was a bra strap. It looks like part of the outfits you are wearing.

  4. This is such an awesome idea!!! I am totally liking with this solution, The straps are so pretty and I’m sure nobody would guess that these are your bra straps.

    Keisha xo

  5. I quite like this idea, would make a change to not having to pull my straps back up my arms to show them off instead x

  6. This is a super cute idea and a great way of making a strapped bra wearable with bardot necklines, especially if (like me) you have a bigger chest and can’t find a strapless bra to support your boobs!

    Lottie xx

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