Why Women Use Body Pillow During Their Pregnancy


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Many women experience a lot of discomfort pains and swelling during pregnancy. Some of the general aches and pains they experience are back, neck, shoulder, belly, ankle, feet, and knee pain. The discomfort they feel is usually caused by strain put on the back muscles, weight gain, changes in posture and hormonal changes. What seems to help a lot for expecting mothers is using a traditional full-length, curved pregnancy body pillow or adult body pillow. These types of pillows help alleviate body pain not just for expecting mothers but also for those who suffers from pain.

body pillow, U-Shaped Body Pregnancy Pillow, Meiz


Body Pillow During  Pregnancy:


There are a few pregnancy body pillows but my favorite is the U-Shaped Body Pregnancy Pillow. This type of pillow wraps around a portion or most of the body to support the back and discourage the body from rolling onto the back or sides while sleeping. Basically, it supports the belly while sleeping, watching tv, and reading. It also supports your arm or baby while breastfeeding. What’s also impressive about the Meiz U-Shaped body pillow is that it comes with a removable cover to easily remove and throw in the wash.



body pillow, body pillow, U-Shaped Body Pregnancy Pillow, Meiz



How To Prevent Body Pain:

  • make sure your bed is firm.
  • do not stand for long periods.
  • sit on comfortable chairs with good back support.
  • wear comfortable shoes.
  • avoid lifting.
  • sleep on your one side and rotate position with a pillow between your legs.
  • use a heating pad on low setting.
  • take warm showers.
  • massage achy area.
  • maintain good posture. 


25 thoughts on “Why Women Use Body Pillow During Their Pregnancy

  1. I think this helps a lot with the comfort that pregnant women look for. Good to know that pregnancy pillows are reliable! Great pointers for preventing body pain!

  2. I know a bunch of people that did, but I didn’t use one myself. For me, I am short and it was too much pillow. I just stuck a regular pillow between my knees and it was exactly what I needed.

  3. I love body pillows and can definitely imagine how good this would be for women who are pregnant! Can be so uncomfortable!

  4. I had a body pillow for all three of my pregnancies and I could NOT have slept without it. It lifted my leg up just enough to make it comfortable to sleep. I honestly used it for a few months afterwards, too. (It’s addicting!!)

  5. When I was pregnant, I relied on my body pillow for comfort. It helped me get into a position that supported my bosy.

  6. My body pillow was my BFF during pregnancy both times. In fact, as soon as I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd, I brought it into bed asap. It alleviated so much body pain!

  7. I’m currently 37 weeks pregnant and a body pillow is definite must have. Especially since sciatic pain has been at its worst with this pregnancy (expecting 3rd).

  8. I can’t even begin to imagine how tough it must be trying to get comfortable sleeping when you’re pregnant. If those does the trick then I’d have one x

  9. I loved using my body pillow when I was pregnant both times. Even now I love having it and I am not pregnant anymore! It was wonderful for my bad knees and back

  10. It helps with so much! And it makes you fall asleep better during the night. Pregnancy pillows are really amazing, and I think it’s important that women have them.

  11. I wish they would also make a pillow like this for every day use. I can sleep without a pillow for my legs to help my back, but I usually end up tossing and turning all night so a larger pillow like this would help.

  12. I need one of those asap! I am not currently pregnant but I don’t sleep well. Because I got rid of my big awesome pregnancy pillow!!

  13. I don’t think I could have slept at all if I didn’t have my pillow. I got HUGE at the end and it helped a lot. I just wish mine was bigger!

  14. This would have been wonderful to have during my pregnancies!! Oh how I hated the back pain, sometimes it would stop me in my tracks. YIKES! This pillow may have been all I needed.

  15. I have painful back aches so a firm body pillow sounds great for me as my current pillows do not help. Great for pregnant women as well!

  16. My cousins just recently had their kids and they swore by a body pillow during their pregnancies. Now I have a better understanding as to why. I didn’t realize the pain was that bad

  17. I’ve heard of body pillows for pregnant women before.It seems like a good idea because your body does really need all kinds of extra support.

  18. Sleep was always the worst for me when I was pregnant. During my first I actually bought a recliner to sleep in for about five months. My second wasn’t as bad but I certainly wasn’t comfortable. This pillow looks like it would have been a huge help.

  19. I STILL use a pregnancy body pillow and my son just turned 12! I started using one when I was pregnant with him and loved it so much, I kept buying them when each one wore out.

  20. I already heard about this pillow and now that I am on my fifth month pregnancy, I think I need to have one like this. I’ll definitely check it out.

  21. I wish I had this pillow when I was pregnant! I used like 5 different pillows all over me and boy was it annoying!

  22. My body pillow was really my savior during pregnancy. It helped every night in supporting my back and my heavy tummy.

  23. Omg I definitely wish I had one of these when I was preggo!! Heck, I wish I had one now. These pillows look so comfy

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