Back to School Ideas To Stay On Budget

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Back to school is already here for most college students. A major issue for some of these students is to stay on budget. Finding affording places to shop for food, dorm supplies and figuring out affordable ways to get around campus are some things college students need to think about. I’ve listed below some great ways to stay on budget.


Back To School Ideas To Stay On Budget

There are a few ways to stay on budget when you are away at school. For instance, eating at your dorm or apartment is way cheaper than eating 3 daily meals at the college cafeteria or local restaurants. Purchasing dorm supplies at affordable department stores which offer better sales is way better than purchasing them at college stores.

Another major worry some college students have is trying to get to places when they don’t have an automobile in campus. For example, most colleges do not allow freshmen students to bring their own vehicles to campus. Because of this freshmen and other students that do not own automobiles have to find ways to get around. The Jetson Quest Electric Scooter is perfect for these type of students because it is useful, affordable and an efficient transportation device for students to get around.

Not to mention, the Jetson Quest Electric scooter has so many great features such as,

➢its no flat solid tires. They are engineered to absorb shock along with a concealed premium lithium-ion battery that offers a smooth 18-mile range.

➢it can reach an exhilarating top speed of 15 mph with its powerful 250W hub motor.

➢it’s equipped with an ultra-bright LED headlight and taillight. This will improve visibility and safety for when you’re riding on roads and sidewalks.

➢It folds in half to easily store underneath your bed or anywhere in your dorm or apartment.


Back to school, Jetson Scooter

 Back to school, Jetson Scooter Back to school, Jetson Scooter


Even though college can be extremely expensive for students who stay in dorms or apartments—there are simple ways to cut costs. Preparing your meals at your dorm or apartment, purchasing your college supplies at affordable department stores and using affordable forms of transportation are ways to save a lot of money for college students.

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  1. It looks like fun. I can see myself riding it around town. Even getting my mail that is a bit far from my house.

  2. I agree this is way more affordable than having a car in campus. College students will love this.

  3. My son would love a scooter like this. I’ve seen a few of the elementary school kids actually riding these to school some days.

  4. My husband saw me reading your post and loves the electric scooter. He said he can see himself driving it around town to save some gas. The price is not bad either.

  5. I just saw the video on the Best Buy website and I’m impressed. It looks like it has a lot of power on it. The lights on it is really nice too.

  6. I have two son’s in college. I mentioned the scooter to them and they did not like that idea. When they were younger they loved it. Now they are too cool I guess.

  7. That thing looks awesome! I spent so much money on gas when I was in college as I was one of the only freshman with a vehicle on campus. But I can’t imagine using that scooter in the snows of upstate New York!

  8. Ooooo now that looks like one awesome scooter! We live right around the corner from my daughters school. Might have to look into that for her

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