2018 Fall Best Beauty Luminous Look

If you thought the luminous look was just for this spring and summer season than think again! The glow look is extending to this fall and winter months as well. Women are crushing over the popular glimmering fall best beauty luminous trend because it gives them a fresh, young, and ultra-vibrant look. Basically, it has become the hottest essential in everyone’s makeup kit, replacing contouring.

This look has been popularized by certain celebrities, makeup artists and beauty bloggers who have mastered applying it. The trick is to highlight the right areas on your face. If you’re curious if this really works why not try it out? Nowadays, there are so many YouTube tutorial videos that you can use to practice on your face. Also, these are great gifts to pick up for your family and close friends just in time for the holidays.


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2018 Fall Best Beauty Luminous Makeup From Pixi Beauty


Glow-y Gossamer Duo $18.00

This astonishing luminous miracle powder can be use to lighten and brighten certain areas of your face like the cheek and brow bone. It adds the prettiest natural glow to your skin. When applying it to your face just buff it on then blend it with a brush.


2018 Fall Best Beauty, Luminosity makeup Trend, Pixi Beauty, makeup


Liquid Fairy Lights $15.00

This long wearing liquid glimmer eyeshadow comes in 4 stunning shades. It lights up the eyes with super sparkles. It is infused with chamomile and rose extracts to soothe and hydrate your skin. You simply apply it directly on your bare eye lids or over eye makeup as a topper. Use your finger or brush to pat and blend as desired.


2018 Fall Best Beauty, Luminosity makeup Trend, Pixi Beauty, makeup

28 thoughts on “2018 Fall Best Beauty Luminous Look

  1. I always enjoy the bright, fun colors of spring and summer. Where I live, we only have about 3 months of winter if we are lucky so I can keep the summer look most of the year, here!

  2. Wow, if those products would make my skin look like those three gorgeous women, I’m all in! Their skin is flawless and they have such a beautiful, natural-looking glow!

  3. I love how its called liquid fairy lights! The colors are so pretty! I’ve considered purchasing Pixi duos for a family event coming up and now I will!

  4. I love the luminous look… These look like great products – will definitely check them out!

  5. I haven’t gotten a new pixi product to try in ages. I love their gloss colors and all the sparkles!

  6. I love how sparkly eveerything is. I can’t go back to matte now. I hope the look never changes.

  7. I love the beautiful shimmer of these products! I don’t really wear makeup anymore now that I work from home, but I love how luminescent and subtly sparkly these are!

  8. These shadows look so beautiful! They would be perfect for the upcoming season. I need to go buy some asap!

  9. I love the glow that these products give off! I really like that it is glamorous without overdoing it.

  10. I really love the luminous, glowy look myself so I tend to do it year round. Both of these Pixi products look great and the price point is fantastic!

  11. I love the glowy looks because they make the skin look so youthful! I will be definitely trying some of the Pixi products this fall!

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