Universal Contouring For Face & Body

Many of us, especially celebrities enjoy enhancing our features.  The way people are doing this is by using high quality makeup to highlight and contour their features. I recently did a review on one of my favorite makeup brands IT Cosmetics that have high quality products to make anyone look fabulous! What many celebrities are doing right now is contouring their entire body as well. IT Cosmetics has brushes and universal contouring palette to make this possible from the comfort of your home.


The Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection Brush #7: Is 2-in-1 brush that is used to apply foundation and contouring your face and body. The large end of the brush allows you to quickly apply your foundation or concealer to the larger sections of your face while the smaller micro-end allows to target the smallest areas of your face.

  • My Review: I use this brush to highlight my face. I love how it targets every single area of my face. I use the smaller micro-end to highlight my nose, chin, forehead, center of my lips and brow bone.


The Heavenly Luxe Angled Radiance #10: Is an angled brush used to highlight and sculpt your face. The angle on the brush allows you to contour and highlight your face. It basically makes it easier for you to apply just the right amount of product that you need.

  • My Review: Is another of my favorite IT Cosmetics brushes because of the angle shape of the brush. This shape allows me to perfectly contour my cheek bones, around the edges of my nose and face.


 ➡ Additional features: Both of these IT Cosmetics brushes are made with high quality 100% cruelty-free brush. I really love how soft they feel on my face and neck areas. They feel like I am getting a gentle message on my face. 


Universal Contouring, IT Cosmetics, Universal Contouring For Face & Body


The You Sculpted: Is a universal contouring palette to help enhances your facial and body features for all skin complexions. It is infused with anti-aging collagen silk and peptides to make your skin look more natural and smooth.  With this contouring palette you will get a guided brochure that I posted below.

Body Areas To Use Your Universal Contouring:

  1. breasts: it enhances your cleavage and gives a lift illusion
  2. body: gives you a slimmer and a six pack definition to your waist and stomach
  3. arms: gives you a slimmer arm and gives the illusion of toned muscles
  4. legs: gives you slimmer looking thighs, calves, knees and buttocks


Universal Contouring, IT Cosmetics, Universal Contouring For Face & Body


  • My Review: It is easy and quick to use. Comes with a mirror and easy to follow directions brochure. In the palette you will receive a soft, light, medium and deep contour colors. You will also receive a matte and radiance highlighter. With all these amazing variations of colors you will be able to match any skin color.


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