Spring 2018 Makeup — Time To Reorganize Your Makeup Bag

 A change in season is the perfect time to reorganize your makeup bag. This is the time to throw away anything that is too old to use because it can cause harm to your skin and eyes. Unlike food, there isn’t an expiration date requirement on makeup. Expired cosmetics can irritation your skin and give you eye infections. Studies have said, every time you put the wand back into the tube of an eyeliner or mascara, you are letting in bacteria.


Even though makeup does not have an expiration date it is easy to keep track of it. For example, you can write it down on your calendar to help you remember. Strangely, there are some women who do not like letting go of their makeup, especially their mascaras and eyeliners. A main reason is because makeup can be really pricy to replace. But in order to keep your skin and eyes healthy it is important replace it.


Time To Reorganize Your Makeup Bag

Type of makeup Throw it away
liquid or gel eyeliner 3 months
mascara 3 months
foundation 12 months
lipstick 12 months
lipliner 12 months
concealer 18 months
cream eye shadow 18 months
cream blush 18 months
compact foundation 18 months
pencil eyeliner  24 months
powder blush 24 months
powder bronze 24 months
powder eye shadow 24 months



My makeup replacement strategy…

Honestly, I tend to stick with affordable high quality makeup. Pixi by Petra is one of the top brands I tend to run to. I really like their makeup bundles and having the flexibility of picking it up at my local Target store. Pixi’s spring palette colors are absolutely stunning. Their spring soft tone are filled with brilliant shades of peach, blush, and browns.



Spring 2018 Makeup


Spring 2018 Makeup, Pixi Beauty, Pixi by Petra, Spring, Makeup, beauty

Spring 2018 Makeup, Pixi Beauty, Pixi by Petra, Spring, Makeup, beauty


If you don’t have a Target near by, you can pick up Pixi products at pixibeauty.com xoxo.


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