Affordable Hair Restoration And Regrowth For Men And Women

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95% cause of alopecia or hair loss in men and women is genetics. In fact, the other remaining 5% is due to hormonal imbalance, illness, diet, medications, and stress. There are hair restoration procedures like hair transplants that can restore your hair but it is extremely expensive. Because of this, people with thinning hair search for cheaper alternatives to treat their condition. The Derma Roller System which is a Microneedling procedure is a safe and affordable way to treat thinning hair (read more Derma Roller System benefits posts here).



Hair Restoration, hair loss, Derma Roller System



Derma Roller System Benefits…

The Derma Roller System is an excellent way to restore your hair because it naturally stimulates hair regrowth. Also, it is used to effectively prevent and stop hair loss from occurring. Furthermore, other people use the Derma Roller System to treat their skin such as skin tightening, hyperpigmentation, cellulite treatment, removal of wrinkles and scars.



Hair Restoration And Regrowth With The Derma Roller System

The Derma Roller System comes in 5 different needles sizes to choose from. To stimulate hair growth, you must use the .05mm needle size together with the Minoxidil 5% medication. According to this company, they conducted a trial that showed a positive improvement with men that have thinning who experienced hair growth and 80% hair reduction.



Hair Restoration, hair loss, Derma Roller System



Treatment With The Derma Roller System…

The hair restoration treatment with the Derma Roller System is simple. First, make sure your hair, hands and Derma Roller System are completely clean. Second, roll the Derma Roller gently over your bolding areas of your scalp in one direction only one time. Third, apply 1 ml of Minoxidil 5% in the bolding areas on your scalp. Repeat these steps daily, but only up to 5 times per week.


In conclusion, nowadays you don’t have to spend a lot of money to treat your thinning hair. Fortunately, there are treatments like the Derma Roller System, Microneedling that will stimulate hair growth from the comfort of your home.



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